Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Mamzelle Pinkie, beguiled by the temptations in the Land of Humans and Other Dangerous Creatures – has succumbed to the delights of a Gelato bar in Sienna.  She has forgotten about her mission to become a serious journalist and is thinking of writing a column for Foodies.  Is she wasting her time in this world? Is she spending her savings on goods she can ill afford? Has she forgotten about our hero, The Bluebird of Happiness – who is searching for her?  (Cont’d below – this post)

THE FEEL-GOOD SECTION:  (Sometimes, when I have consumed ‘the news’, I feel pretty glum, or worse.  So, in that spirit I am mentioning several things which, I think, make life worthwhile:

  • WARM SHOWERS (or Baths, your choice).  Whoever invented these deserves to be the richest person in the world, even richer than the guy who invented FaceBook, or PayPal.  Have you taken a warm shower or bath lately?  How good is that?  Forget for a moment who is going to be your President and ruin your life forever.  Get back in the tub.  Enjoy yourself.  Why, on the evening news can’t they say “…and before we close, it is estimated that today over two billion people took a warm shower.  And that is the way it is…”
  • ANGELS:  Whether you believe in them or not – that is not important – what is important is that they exist in our minds – and they are a very good idea.  They sit atop Christmas trees.  They rest in famous paintings in the world’s finest museums. They tell us when good news is coming.  Let’s say they do not exist, except as a figment of someone’s imagination.  Then that means we humans can have some creative thoughts, some beautiful ideas.  (Versus what we come up with in some of our stories of the day).  Or, let’s say Angels are real; …so much the better.

That is all for the very first “Feel-Good” section of this blog.  We will study the ratings to see if we continue in this vein in the future.


  • “POLICE ARE ON THE SCENE”:  Depending where you live, or what you have done, or what your economic situation is, or what your race is, or political persuasion is, or your sexual choices are – this phrase/announcement is either “Good News”, or “Bad News”.   All depends.  It can be a ‘Double-entendre’ all at once.  Strange, this Best Of All Possible Worlds.
  • BODY MODIFICATION CULTURE:  This refers to a population which subjects itself to: Cosmetic plastic surgeries, Tattoos, Surgical fat reductions, etc., etc.  The U.S. is into this culture – bigly.   I have seen many Angels on trees and in museums and have not seen one with a tattoo or a neck-job.  But we are not Angels.
  • “ARTHUR-ITUS”: I keep hearing people say “ARTHUR-ITUS” – and I would like to end it now.  It is “ARTHRITIS”.  Arthur does not have “Itus”.  We are an aging population and, therefor, more of us are getting this ailment – and if that is not bad enough – we can’t even call it by its name. We are sounding as if we are “losing it”. I am reminded of how we started saying “Nukular” instead of “Nuclear”  just because no one was corrected by me in time.  Oh, and have you heard people say “Affaganastan?…the list goes on.
  • BURROW:  A new meaning: Referring to political aids getting protected jobs in Federal agencies, often leap-frogging over qualified career types. (i.e.,  John Doe gave $10,000 to the President’s campaign and he was made Director of the State Department.  John Doe was BURROWed into the job.)
  • QUANTITATIVE DIS-EASING:  There is no such term – I made it up; but since we are in a word modifying culture – what the heck?  Quantitative Easing was a big phrase a few years ago.  (And it is still going on now). It referred to the biggest financial transaction in the history of man – and, I believe, no one in Congress  knew what it meant.  And what it means is: “…the practice of increasing the money supply  in order to stimulate Economic activity.”  Sort of like giving a huge, warm shower to the economy.  The problem is (or might be…): We cannot turn off the money printing spigot – and soon, we will have to account for all the money we have dribbled into nobody knows where; unless some money Angel comes down and fixes things.

Now for the lyrics to a couple of ear-worms traveling through my mind:

  • “Like a bird on a wire, Like a drunk in a midnight choir – I have tried in my life to be free.  Like a worm on a hook. Like a knight in some forgotten book – I have strived all my life to be free.” – Leonard Cohen
  • “I could cry for the time I’ve wasted – That’s a waste of time and tears. I know just what I’d change if I went back in time, somehow. But there’s nothing I can do about it now. I’d forgive everything that forgiveness would allow. But there’s nothing I can do about it now.” -Willie Nelson



‘Troubles in the Garden” Update, Continued:  Mamzelle Pinkie, stuffed with Gelato (Pistachio), has been mysteriously transported to a church – the purpose of which is to see if she can be inspired to change her ways and return to a meaningful way of life (before she is too old).  But WHOA!  Is that an Angel holding her high in the side altar?  Do Angels have hands? (To be continued.)


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