Episode #78 of  NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Our beloved cast has become addicted to Binge Watching  “Made for TV – Endless Episodic Series”.  (Except for Ezmiralda, the Hairy Pig Queen, who is a camera hog – and is always up for a photo) As you know, our Crew has been assigned ‘Community Service’ duty by the courts for their unruly Protesting…but they need a break from it all. Sometimes, things get so hectic, you need a little entertainment. (Back to the action – next week)

Lightning Round #3


  • THE DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA:  A new Country; not like the one I used to live in.
  • VACCINATIONALISM:  What happened to the world that had guys like Jonas Salk, who gave his polio vaccine to the world?  And the man who spilled something in his basement and – Voila! – everybody gets penicillin?  Where’d those types of people go?


  • I’ve been wondering if these times are stranger now than ever before – or is it that we now know more about what is going on than we did before? …and we are befuddled by the deluge of everything and nothing.  Befuddled by all this information and disinformation coming at us morning, noon and night. Actually, things might  be better now than they were before; we simply did not know how bad it was.  But today, the waters are rising, along with the record heat and the tornados are whirling fireballs  – so I’d say today has the edge on ‘strangeness’.
  • I’ve been thinking about ‘Paradise’ lately and wondering if the people who are in Paradise know they are in it.  I mean they still have everyday problems: Toenails have to be cut, dishes have to be cleaned, you have to watch your weight.  My question is: What is Paradise?  If Adam did not eat of the apple, would it have driven him insane to see it hanging on the tree in front of him – forever?  That would ruin life in Paradise for me – seeing something I wanted  everyday and not being able to partake of it. Maybe, this is a metaphor for some of what is going on in the DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA.
  • Also, I think some people in paradise could not resist either changing things or going out of the area to see what is happening out there.
  • I’ve heard Wise Counsel say “Wherever you go, you end up taking yourself along.” This is good news for some, bad news for others…
  • I wonder how one climbs the ‘Corporate Ladder’ – remotely.  I think you have to suit up and go into the office and do whatever back-stabbing or sychophanting it takes  to go up the rung.  You can’t do that by remote. My guess is there will be two corporate types in the near future: 1) Those who can work remotely (Teckies, etc.).  They will be paid well and be treated like high-valued; but short term assets. 2) The other will be the few who “Go In” and do whatever it takes to climb the ladder.  “Going In” will be riskier; but if you win you will become  a ‘One Per Center’ – and that could be a good thing.
  • I’ve taken to Binge Watching “Made for TV – Endless Episodic Series”, lately.  Here is what I have come up with so far: 1) Most  viewing recommendation/referrals from friends come with the caveat “You have to get through the first few episodes and then it gets better.  2) I’ve noticed this is either true, or I dumb down as the show goes along.  3) After having watched eight thousand or so of these things, I find I dislike almost everybody in every show I’ve seen; but I can’t stop watching them.  What is that?  4) And then I’ve had this semi-spiritual thought that God is in the same position…He/She is watching us doing all kinds of dreadful things but instead of turning us off, She/He can’t stop watching the dreadfully degrading thing go on – for centuries.  Just when you think it can’t get worse, there is another season and you cannot take your eyes off it.
  • I heard that Dolphins – a long time ago – lived on land…and returned to the sea.  How did they do that?  We might have to do the same thing.  But we are polluting the water so much that by the time we have to go back to the water, we might have to go somewhere else.  It is getting complicated trying to figure out where to go. Paradise is not what it was.
  • GOOD NEWS:  Loggerhead and Green Turtles are making a comeback on Cypress.

MATHUZALA SPEAKS:  As you know, we are including Mathuzala’s comments in  our NOTES from time to time. What you did not know is: We will, occasionally,  excerpt remarks made by him in the soon to be published “THE RAT PAPERS” – a definitive work regarding the Downfall of Civilization – as we know it.)

  • “Work is failure.  Work will not set you free.Your species cannot grasp this morsel of truth – and that failing is contributing significantly to the Downfall of the Humans.”
  • “So, you are in a maze – and you know where the cheese is.  Do you always go directly for the cheese?  Or do you roam the maze for the heck of it, for the wonder of it all? …Simply to see what is what?
  • You know, the Humans did experiments on rats where they implanted false memories in their brains…and the rats believed the cheese was not where it really was.   The Humans are now doing the same experiments on each other.  You know that, right?


For the past few postings I signed off with a quotation from known thinkers and scholars.  Today, I’ll end it with a lighter note from Country legend Hank Williams:

“There is nobody I’d rather have standing next to me in a bar room brawl than my ma with a broken bottle in her hand. “(See what you can find if you break away from the screen for a few minutes?)

Keep the other foot out of the ground,


ALERT !!! Word is spreading the TEDDIES will be fixed if the right Stuffed Animals do not win. Nothing could be further from the truth. The votes are pouring in and we are taking a peek at them – and it looks like… Bork, the fierce and angry purple Slug is taking it all…and is claiming victory. Wait! That cannot be…Bork was not even nominated for anything. We will be back next week – after we have taken down this fake news report.


  1. Mathuzala the experiment is still going. The maze is challenging at work we’re failing except the the truth in front of us.

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