THINGS ARE OFTEN BETTER TOMORROW MORNING. (But isn’t ‘Tomorrow Morning’ always a day away?)


Episode #77 of NOTEFLIX’s “Troubles in the Garden”:  Remember last week? Scarlet and our loving couple, Mamzelle Pinkie and the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness, were in court for violating the Peace. (See top photo for reminder.) Well, they were ordered to do ‘Community Service’ for their punishment.  They have been deposited in a trash heap of plastic and it is their job to figure what to do with it. What seemed to be a light punishment might be too difficult to bear. (To be continued.)



  • I read the kids of today are not learning to be polite because they ask SIRI questions all the time and they never say “Please” or “Thank you” – they just expect answers.  Now, they are treating us older and more mature humans the same way.  Soon they will find out we do not have ANY answers and we will be treated worse than we already are.  The whole civilized world is going in the wrong direction.
  • I asked Siri  to please tell me what my personal cost is in relation to my using up the Trees of the Earth and the Water…and she does not have the answer, thank you very much.  Siri can’t tell me the things I really want to know.
  • There has been a lot in the press lately about how the ‘Plastic Industry’ has  not been telling us the truth about how plastic degrades and how bad it really is for the earth.  You know the Chinese and the Africans have stopped taking our trash (we cannot count on anybody anymore) and we have been throwing it in the ocean and the whole plastic waste problem is out of control. I have an idea: We divert the part of the Colorado river that runs through the Grand Canyon and we throw the used plastic in that big winding hole that Mother Nature created just for us.  We could even take some of China’s plastic (for a fee, and make some money on the deal).  After a few years no one will remember the Canyon and after it gets filled up with trash, we cover it up with some naturally fibered tarp.  By then, we will have figured out how to deal with the problem for good, because we always ‘come through’.   Of course, this is an absurd idea, however,  it is possible one of those conspiracy minded media platforms could run with this and I could get a lot of ‘Likes’ and become rich, rich…Nobody in our country makes money on bad ideas – so maybe throwing trash in our national monuments is not absurd, after all.
  • I read that Adam Smith had some Economic Golden Rules.  One of them was: “When members of an industry get together it is rarely to discuss the good for the public.”   I hear the Drug/Pharma industry types are getting together to assure us the current ‘Vaccine’ situation is going to be run for the benefit of the people.
  • I have a note, dated 2008, which says a fried egg sandwich that looked like Jesus sold for $28,000 on E-bay.  (The fry pan that cooked it only fetched $300.)  This only goes to show that Markets are peculiar; but it is good to note  this auction occurred just before the Economic downfall of 2008.  If you (Dear Reader) become aware of any crazy prices of odd items please contact me immediately and we will get out of the market asap.  I think our economy is in a ‘Recession’; but I also think our government does not want us to ‘Panic’ and they are not telling us about this ‘Recession’ we are in. One way you can tell if we are in a recession is to observe the divorce rate.  In times of recessions – divorces are down because people cannot afford them.  Of course divorces could be (falsely) up today because of couples wanting to split up  – even if they can’t afford it – after having been in lockdown with each other for the past few months.  The whole thing is complicated.  Better you should not play the market.
  • Recently, Chinese workers have been asking for more money for their work. First, it is the Americans who do no want to work on the cheap – and then the Mexicans want more. Now it’s the Chinese. Where will this stop?
  • The President’s campaign promises seem more like threats than promises – to me.  What happened to the “Chicken in every pot” idea?   I liked that one.
  • Science:  The Hedron Collider was supposed to have created a ‘Black Hole’ in the lab; but it has only smashed a couple of atoms. and moved sub-atomic particles around faster than the speed of light. So much for these Scientists.  How can we trust any of these guys with weather or pandemic forecasts when they can’t even create a Black Hole?  Of course, I did not want them to create a Black hole  in a laboratory because, if I understand it correctly, a Black Hole will suck up everything in the universe; needless to say, I want my vote to be counted before it gets sucked up and disappears.
  • In Science class I learned if you sent a right handed baseball mit in a straight line around the Universe, it would come back to you; but it would come back as a left handed mit if you can imagine.  I think there is something to this, because the more I travel in this Universe, the more I feel I require a lefty’s mit.
  • There is a  scientific study out there which shows most fish cannot see what is outside of their fishbowl.  I should have become a scientist more than whatever it is that I have become.

MATHUZALA SPEAKS:  (Disclaimer, we present Mathuzala’s column only to represent ‘other’ opinions.  This is in our continuing effort to be ‘Fair and Balanced’.)

“Come Up Hither:

  • You are fighting the chance at progress by denying Climate Change and therefor not addressing it.  Years ago, one of your largest Churches (with their ‘Inquisitors’) denied the Earth goes around the sun…and you lived in ignorance for a long time after that.  Just as ‘going green’ challenges your institutions today…the present day inquisitors rule and are as foolish as in the days of yore.  This will not be abided.
  • Female rats have equal rights in our society.
  • I have seen human research… The Russians have concocted biological weapons.  The Americans have done the same.  This cannot be abided.  (We rats have not concocted such weaponry – though we have been used in experiments with it.  We will bring forth a better time.”

I am ending this posting with an excerpt from “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”  – a book by Charles McKay, 1841

  • “…Men, it has been well said, think in herds, it will be seen they go mad in herds – while they recover their senses slowly, one by one.   …people are inclined to believe the wondrously false, than the wondrously true.”

Be Best,


ANNOUNCEMENT: The votes for the TEDDIES will be tabulated on November 2nd. These will be Fair and Honest awards. Keep sending in your ballots for your favorites. Vote as often as you want. FIFI (See bottom left of photo) the Fabulous Game show product hostess, is working up her best act for the occasion. But wait! How did Bork the angry purple Slug slither into the picture? (Next to big Teddy’s  back left paw). Is he trying to intimidate the voters? Did he ‘fix’ the court (pictured way on top above) so that our heroes will be working  in the Trash-heap of mankind and therefor will not be available for their Public Relation appearances? Is foul play afoot in the election process? Can we be trusted? (More on this next week.)  


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