Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”:  As our readers know, Ezmiralda, the Hairy Pig Qween of the Land of Stuffed Animals (see photo lower right) is bent on keeping her throne and power for another term, illegal as that may be.  But hold on a minute; Big Sis (see upper left and center) has arrived on the scene and thinks she might want the job, herself.  She is bigger, after all.  Bork, the Angry Purple Slug, who is a bit of a toady, does not know which way to play it – but play it he will.  Come back next week for more action. (The flower pot is simply for set decoration.)



  • Scientific in Nature:  *Good news.  Researchers (in the field of Metagenomics) have discovered a “super worm” which can eat through plastic and they especially enjoy Styrofoam.  We do not yet know what becomes of their poop, or what it means – net – to the environment; but it can’t be as bad as it was before your cup was eaten by these things.  Can it?  * Sociologists have done studies which show Feral Children cannot learn civilized behavior.  This explains a lot. …and how come these studies were not shown to the Supreme Court?  *Astronomers say they have found a great light – brilliant and 420 trillion times as luminous as our sun.  It came out of a black hole, apparently.  Also, they are now saying we can see 400 billion galaxies through our telescopes (Not through mine, you can’t).  I think Astronomers are just saying anything they can think of so they can get our attention. Just like some of our politicians say things like “the election was stolen” or “White people are being replaced” or “guns don’t kill people” (old saying) – so they can get our attention focused on them….and maybe get some more funding…that may seem a bit cynical; but 400 billion galaxies – give me a break. *Criminologists have found:  1) Fingerprints are not 100% reliable.  Remember, some guy out in Washington State was found to have the same fingerprints as a criminal in London?  So much for fingerprints.  2) Witnesses don’t work.  Some misremember.  Some lie.  Some are tampered with.  Some see voters who do not exist.  So much for Witnesses.  3) The FBI has done hundreds of thousands of hair & fibre studies and have found lab techies leave “…something to be desired” …so, what are we to do?   I thought with all the tv detective shows,  over the years, that by now we would know how to get the bad guys.  *Studies show:  Some animals can tell an earthquake is going to happen before it happens.  Apes can tell 5 seconds before.  A lot of good that does.  Red Lemurs can tell 15 minutes before.  Some Italian frogs can tell weeks before; but that doesn’t do you any good, unless you are in Italy and you know frog-talk.
  • Pruning:  I read that Societies/civilizations grow and sprawl…and need to get pruned (cut back) in order to grow stronger.  If this is a good thought, I wonder where we are in this metaphor.

It is at this point in our weekly posting where we place the wise words of MATHUZALA, our Resident Rodent Guest Columnist.  But MATHUZALA has not submitted his piece by our deadline.  We are told he has left his retreat in the 3rd underground level of the 59th Street Subway and might have joined a pack of rodent activists who are attempting to disable a power plant outside of Dallas, Texas.  More will be revealed on this matter in future posts.

Were you to want to know more about such activities please go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS” and consider becoming an activist and saving the world from bad human behavior.


Last night in our little piazza, we were treated to some singing by visiting Opera people from the Daniel Ferro Vocal Program. See/listen for a few moments.  Forget about: Worms eating your plastics, Criminals getting away from the Good Guys, and Frogs croaking about the oncoming earthquake.







Some wisdom from old tv shows:

  • “If you stay in it – you must be getting something out of it.”            – Criminal Intent
  • “In July, in New York the killing gets easy.” -Law and Order
  • “One of the things Covert operators have to learn to give up is the concept of a ‘fair fight’.  Operatives are trained to win. -Burn Notice.

and one more from before TV:

  • “Those who would sacrifice Liberty for Security deserve neither.”  -Ben Franklin.

Goodbye for now …and a fond “Hello” to Mac, wherever you are.


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