Red Heads, Water , Multitasking & More

I have read that: There are more significantly short people in the world than there are natural born red heads. (Thus supporting the theory that there are some facts from which there is nothing to learn – no matter how interesting they are.)

I have read that: Studies show Multi-tasking may be harmful to human memory. (May be? How do you get money for these studies? I want to do some of my own)

I have read that: Studies show we learn better/more when we are interested/curious. ( I am not interested in that. I am curious about how you get to do these studies. Can you make a living doing them?)

I have read that: A study shows water may be older than the sun. (May be? That is a study ? The study goes on to say that 50% of our water may pre-date the sun. Me? I think I’ll go back to following the Book of Genesis…it is easier to grasp.

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