Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Why do we show you a picture we have already used and one taken from so long ago?  Because hardly any stuffed animal in our cast was willing to return to work – even though the ‘All clear’ signal has been given.  So, we had to pull out something from the past.  What is going to happen if nobody in the Entertainment business wants to work anymore?  Is it possible the quality of entertainment will go down even more than it has?  Maybe, soon, the workers (our Stars & Celebrities) will come to their senses.


  • Times are a-changing, and then they are not:  14 members of the Colombo family were indicted in New York last week and it barely made the news.  Some people think the MAFIA has gone legit after all the Godfather movies and the Soprano exposures; but no.  Only a few years ago such an indictment would have been the talk of the town and would have garnered national attention for at least two to three days. No more.  The news moves really fast these days.  It is hard to keep up.  In case you are interested, the Mob still gives their members cool nicknames; the current, and indicted, boss is nicknamed “Mush”.
  • (Old note – 2019)  “80% of rural America is medically underserved.”  This note was written before Covid entered our scene.  Imagine what’s going on out there now.  It was not so long ago we would fondly think warm and fuzzy about Rural America…”Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go”.  …Marcus Welby lived in the ‘Rural’, didn’t he?  And in all the TV Westerns there was a friendly Doctor ready to fix you up, no matter whether you fell off a horse or got shot on the Prairie.  What happened?  Was all that a dream?
  • Loneliness:  Studies show Loneliness is contagious and can be transmitted.  I mean, isn’t that a paradox?  How can you transmit something when you are alone?  But you miss the point.  You can be in a big city or in the rural, and you can be surrounded by people and still be alone.  If you are too tall, overweight, or have acne even; all these things can make you feel alone – even in a crowd.  A connection to a lonely person can add to your loneliness. Women, the report says, suffer from Loneliness more than men. (This is probably because men do not realize they are lonely – and think all they need is another drink, or a good fight, or a football game to watch on tv.) Also, some people take drugs to cope with their feelings of sadness that accompany Loneliness – which is sad because the taking of drugs can make them feel even lonelier . …The mention of ‘drugs’ prompts the next section of my post (see below).

SIDE EFFECTS: I have decided to share with my  readers a list I have compiled , over the years.  A list of SIDE EFFECTS as written on labels (or verbally announced on Radio or TV) of drug companies advertising to the American people.  Often, these side effects are in small print and if spoken, spoken very quickly.   Sometimes they are warnings, sometimes inducements – you decide.  If you are really drug “Au Courant” you could match-up the SIDE EFFECT with a drug you, or a loved one might be familiar with.

  • “Unusual Skin Growth”, “Bleeding to Death”, “Seizures”, “Suicidal Thoughts”, “Loss of Ability to Move”, “Swelling of Face & Tongue”, “Wheezing”, “Vomit Looks Like Coffee Grinds”, “Death”, “Bleeding From the Gums”, “Stool Looking Like Tar”, “Heavier than Normal Vaginal Bleeding”, “Mouth Sores”, “Dizziness”, “Yellowing of Skin”, “Birth Defects if Used by Pregnant Women”, “Can Cause Cognitive Problems”, “False Sense of Well-Being & Satisfaction”, “Could Cause Cancer”, “Strokes”, “Change in Body Hair”, “Swollen Veins Ankles & Feet”, “Divorce”, (Divorce?),“Loss of Appetite”, …

Imagine these are what you might have to deal with,  just to get well. I have counted in my notes, there are more than 120 SIDE EFFECTS to go – I think I will end it here.  Maybe, it would be better to be in the Rural, Lonely, and without any prescriptions…(I have had some of the above symptoms – without even taking any of the drugs – what does that mean?)

Now a few words from MATHUZALA, our resident rodent guest Columnist:


  • “One Quarter of Humans are Destitute.  Oops, correction, (new data just came in)…make that almost Forty Percent of Humans are Destitute.  Why can’t you take care of your people?  We can change all that.”

If you are interested in MATHUZALA and what his plans are, go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy  “THE RAT PAPERS” and you will see where he is headed.


  • I have met some Germans who have a son who plays football, American Football, in Frankfurt.  Apparently there’s a U.S. military base there and the game was introduced to the locals, who have picked it up enthusiastically.  There are now many high schools in Germany playing American Football.  I met a man  in Tuscany whose son who plays Baseball (all Baseball is American).  There is an entire Italian High School Baseball league in Italy – inspired years ago by U.S. bases over here.  So, #1) Our Military does do some good.  And #2) We are known for more than our ‘Rock’n Roll, Movies and Money.

Below, a picture of the Chianti Allstars…


A quote, or two:

  • “If this world were perfect, it wouldn’t be.” -Yogi Berra, American Baseball Great
  • “No matter where you go, there you are.” -Yogi Berra, here he is again

…And everybody lived ‘Happily Ever-after’…and “Hello” to  Jimmy Durante, wherever you are.


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