Episode #52 to NOTEFLIX’s International Production of “Troubles in the Garden”:  (This is a Bonus picture for our subscribers).  This is a photo taken after the New Citizens’ Induction Ceremony into the Realm of  Stuffed Animals, which resides in the Land of Humans and Other Dangerous Creatures. (Mamzelle Pinkie and  Miz Ezmiralda, The Hairy Pig Queen set up the photo.  See the second Bonus picture at the end of this post)


(Some of my readers may not know this; but I moved to Tuscany recently.  I am aware of the thought that wherever you go, you are still there.  I find I like myself here – even more than I did there.  I will sometimes mention ‘Differences’ I notice from my new geographic point of view.)

  • To Wit: The people in my town (Greve, just outside of Florence) do not stock up on toilet paper in a crisis.  I do not know why this is.  How can they survive without extra rolls of toilet paper?  Also, they are not buying guns in preparation for hard times. Have they not thought about what could happen to them without guns – especially automatic rifles? I will report more on this, as I learn more.
  • We are in ‘Lock-Down’ mode.  No going out, except for food, pharmacy and hardware goods.  So far, what I have found is:  When you have nothing to do, you can run out of time so fast that you cannot get anything done.  Everybody here feels that way.  I realize this does not make any sense, but little does these days.
  • I  am having troubles connecting to the internet on my computer.   I keep noodling around and eventually I get on.  Here is what I have learned: If what you are doing does not work, you can keep doing the same thing over and over again and eventually – for no known reason – it may work.  This disproves Einsteins’ theory of craziness and perhaps the Theory of Relativity as well – for which he got a Nobel.  I should get something for this.
  • I wonder about the couples who are in ‘Lock-Down’ mode; are the relationships with their partners richer for the experience – or is this the final straw.  Will divorce rates go up?  Or, will more couples re-new their vows?  Will at home binge-drinking rise? Will there be an increase in the birth rate?  Will people walk around in their pajamas and such – all day long?  Will the living quarters get cleaner, or dirtier, as time goes on?  There is much to study.  Perhaps there is money in grants for these concerns.
  • I read if your friends are obese, you are likely to become obese.  If your neighbors play fair, you are likely to play fair – and so on.  My conclusion was to stick with the 1%ers and then maybe become one; but they are all in lock-down, so all I can do is stick with myself.
  • DEJA-SMELL:  This is a term I made up.  It could be used when you think you are experiencing something bad – over and over again; like something you hear the President of a large country say on TV or on a social messaging platform.

A few quotes from a few movies:

  • “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”  -When Harry Met Sally
  • “You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet” -The Jazz Singer

Take care out there, wherever you are.

Second Bonus picture:  This is a photo of the the new citizen/inductees (a.k.a. ‘Newbies’) and Mortimer, the main speaker of the event.  Mortimer is not very smart, but he is likeable.  All the Newbies agreed they had never heard such a dumb speech in their lives.  In fairness, the Newbies are so young, they had not heard many speeches before. However, they were still happy to be there.  (We thank Mamzelle Pinkie and Miz Ezmeralda for the photo) What Mortimer meant to impart; but failed to do – was: If a Newbie were especially good, it would most likely be adopted by a Human…and in so doing the Human would become a less dangerous creature itself.   



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