Our  original Paradise set was destroyed by invaders. Fortunately, our Mutli-colored Blue Bird of Happiness found a new Garden for us, in which we now shoot our NOTEFLIX’s binge-look, Rom-com “Troubles In The Garden”.  We begin: “All was well in the Garden; but the Blue Bird of Happiness was lonely… ” (To be cont’d.)


THE FAR EAST IS OFF OUR WEST COAST  (Did you ever wonder why that is?  It is because our world map terms come from the British.  China is as ‘”Far East” as the English can go on the globe without coming back in the other direction.  Horace Greeley, an  American newspaper editor in the late 19th Century, was asked by a young man where he should go to gain his fortune in life.  Greeley said “Go West, young man.”  In that vein, many young people are asking if they should “Go to the Far East” today – what with the surging economy out there.  Below are a few nuggets to consider before you pack your bags.

  • Nuclear plants are coming on-line in China.  Over 110 are in process.  I have not read if they have solved the Nuclear Waste issue.  If so, I hope they tell the rest of the world how to handle it.   (Also see “Waste-Piles” of China – last post)
  • Some say “China is a ‘Fast Follower’…meaning they can copy anything we do…but they are not ‘Innovators’.  We said that about the Japanese years ago.  Then the Japanese started coming up with their own stuff.  The Chinese are making robots.  They have robots that can make coffee, cars, write books – they want to make robots do everything humans can do…to make up for their ‘Missing Young’.  Today, they have 49 robots per 10,000 workers.  We have 176 robots per 10,000. (We have robots so we do not have to pay people to do the jobs) The Chinese are catching up in the robot race.  My question is: Who is going to pay these robots for all the work they do?
  • The Chinese movie Box Office is bigger than ours.  (It has been bigger than ours for the last 5 years.  They have movie production facilities that make Hollywood’s look small.  They do not need our movies anymore.  Some say our movies are our culture, and our culture is our biggest asset/export – some say.  Our imports from China include:  Clothes, food, toys, car parts and airplane parts; food poisonings,  job losses, some of which end up in suicides.
  • Americans consume half again as much oil as China.  China is trying not to catch up in this category; but the bet on this is even odds. China records 1.6 million deaths a yers from dust pollution.  (So stop complaining about our pollution problems.)
  • An anonymous ditty I read the other day: “The Chinese are eating our Lobsters.  The Chinese are eating our Almonds.  The Chinese are eating our Bacon. The Chinese are eating our Lunch.”

Here is the complete statement of advice Greeley gave to the young man: “The best business you can go into you will find on your father’s farm or in his workshop.  If you have no family or friends to aid you, and no prospect open to you there, turn your face to the great West and there build up a home and fortune.”  (This was at the time of the ‘Gold Rush’.  We do not know how things worked out for the young man.)

If, on the other hand, you want to go out there and give it a try – but you are too scared, consider the statement made by the conductor of the New York Philharmonic, Jaap van Zweden: “The biggest risk in life is not to take a risk.”

Until Monday’s posting: Be well and come home before dark.



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