Continuation of NOTEFLIX’S “Troubles In The Garden”: Our Hero, the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness, returning from the battles, is still lost in the dark woods – and coming upon the Wise Stuffed Owl, he asks, “Which is the way out?” And the Wise Stuffed Owl can only say “Hoot!” And our hero begins to learn , falsely, that nobody knows anything. (To be continued.)

ECON 101  – MINUS ONE: The following bullets represent mental wanderings – and are placed here for your consideration and are not meant to be finite assertions by your editor.  Not yet.

  • It is a hard observation; but one to think upon nonetheless: An economist  (during The Great Depression) said, “Unless you have inherited wealth, there are only three choices: a job, beg, or crime.” This is still true. The jobs of today are limited in quantity, quality and pay. Begging has never been successful in the U.S. That leaves crime as the ascendant feature on our horizon. How do you play this? The need for ‘Security’ is going up. Those who can provide security will be well rewarded. Cars pollute. Drug companies are being sued. the FANGS (FaceBook, Apple, etc.) have privacy issues, Oil is immoral to some, the banks are not behaving well, …But ‘Security’ is the darling of the day. “Security” and meatless meat; but meatless meat is another subject, altogether.
  • Just a few years ago, it was: The Right believed ‘Big Government’ was the problem. The Left felt ‘Small Government’ could not handle things. And the twain did not mix. Today it is all a jumble which side wants which – I but I dare to say, neither is the problem. Big Government Corruption is a huge problem, biglie. And Small Government Corruption is a problem you would not believe, so sad. Therefor, the problem is not the size of Government; the problem is the size of Corruption.
  • Speaking of problems: It seems to me we have been trapped in a foreign policy of favoring Stability over Reform.  (Stability, for example, makes for easier trade plannings and investments) I do not know how we get out of this  strategy; but Stability in foreign lands, unchecked, tends to produce very undemocratic policies….and the next thing you know, we look like we support dictators and the like. Today – and for the past 50 or so years, we have not looked real good on the world stage in this regard. It looks as if our international efforts were solely for our business (profits) purposes. If the reader can come up with a good  alternative approach here, we can improve the lot of many a people.
  • I read the other day that a gaggle of CEOs ate at a business ‘Round Table’ and came up with a 300 word statement which suggested American business should veer away from ‘Shareholder Capitalism’  and head more in a direction which will give Americans “…a life of meaning and dignity”. Me? I suspect you could hear many a “Let’s Eat.” after the statement was read aloud to the Mighty in attendance. The original “Round Table” hosted Bold Knights, Good Lords and a Saint or two. Let us hope today’s stalwarts exceed my expectations.
  • In a recent business survey of over 500 companies, the most ‘Business Friendly’ States were deemed the ones with the lowest wages and the highest rates of poverty. Texas was the most popular on the list. Texas, the report said, has the highest per centage of residents who receive Federal Assistance, who are also employed. I wonder if the ‘Round Table” is going to dine in Texas next.
  • A piece of good news: I read that dog ownership in the U.S. is growing. To be fair and balanced, I should add that part of this increase in dog ownership is due to the fact that some women are adopting dogs because they cannot find suitable husbands.


  • A study shows that Orangutans can think. What does that mean? What do they think of us? Do they pray? If so, how? To whom? What do they think about wealth disparity – and how do they save for retirement?  OMG.
  • I read that one (1) bulldozer – when first introduced in the U.S.  – could do the work of 50 people. Today, one (1) robot tends to do the work of only 12 people in today’s factories. However, when the bulldozer came on board it was easy to put those fifty people to work building houses and such. Today, you remove 12 people from the line, you have difficulties moving them to better jobs and a life of meaning and dignity. At least that is the present thinking. As the philosopher Paul Tillich was fond of saying, “It is a matter of  ultimate concern.”

A few ‘Bon Mots’ before signing off:

  • “First things first; Second things never.”  -Superwoman 1973 p.15
  • “All of us are standing in the gutter; but a few of us are looking at the stars.”  -Oscar Wilde
  • “I used to think that the brain was the most wonderful organ in my body. Then I realized who was telling me this.”  -Emo Phillips

Be careful out there.


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