Episode #61 of NOTEFLIX’s “Troubles in the Garden”: The Fury of a woman scorned is nothing compared to that of Jack the Rich and Aging Prince of the Land of Uncertain Knowledge – who was scorned by Mamzelle Pinkie (See past episodes for reminder)  So, Jack (See figure on the right of picture) is assembling a team, the purpose of which is to take power over the Realm of Stuffed Animals living in the Land of Humans and Other Dangerous Creatures. His plan is to sow dissension and chaos, by telling lies and making things up – and make life as miserable for everybody else as it is for him.  Over drinks and snacks, the Prince has caught in his thrall: Mortimer, who is a dim-witted sort of a creature (See left of picture) and Bork, the fierce and angry purple fat slug.  (See next week for more action.  See below for what is going on in the meanwhile.)


But first, a report on the success of my doings while in “Lockdown”:  Grade “D” on the diet. Grade “D” on learning  the Italian language.  Grade “F” (as in “Flunk”) on learning to play the Harmonica.  (This was my primary lockdown goal. “Do-si-do” is beyond my capabilities) Grade B+ on juggling stones.  (I can now successfully juggle 2 stones, two out of three times, without losing one of the stones)…If the “Lockdown” continues for two more years, I think I will master the three stone juggle.

  • “FIGURES DON’T LIE; BUT LIARS CAN FIGURE.” -an old saying.  In today’s  new world I have noticed it is easy to lie with figures, aka ‘stats’ as a back-up, and it is even easier to lie with no figures at all.  I guess it is our Constitutional Right to lie at will,  “Freedom of Speech” and all.  It is an age old question:  “What is the truth?” Thousands of years ago an old philosopher walked the beaches looking for an honest man.  I don’t think he found one.  But that was then.  Twain talked about the Truth still tying its shoes while a Lie travelled half-way around the world.  That was then, too.  But here we are today and the problem has abounded – if what I read in the papers is true.
  • FALSE POSITIVE:  (Definition of) “…A test result that is incorrect because the test indicated a condition or finding that does not exist.” I do not understand what this means, but I think our President got one of these the other day. This term has morphed out of the medical community and into our social/political sphere…it then inverted itself into POSITIVE FALSEHOODS.  Definition of:…”Promoting Falsehoods in a forthright and aggressive manner, ” (-cem) i.e., ‘The President divulged 23 POSITIVE FALSEHOODS before 5 A.M today.   Apparently, many of the ‘Religious’  in our country do not consider emitting POSITIVE FALSEHOODS to be equal to Lying – in the moral sense – as long as the falsehoods  give the ‘Religious’ something more good than the bad the lie beholds. It gets very confusing; but this is now.
  • ELECTRO MAGNETIC PULSES (EMPs).  Definition of:…(sometimes called a transient electromagnetic disturbance), is a short burst of electro-magnetic energy. Apparently theses pulses could come from outer space, or from China, or the Chinese telephone company, or the Russians, or from any host of ‘Bad actors’.  There is a man, (to remain nameless in this blog) who ran for President, and who  was kicked out of Congress – who is very important in the “Thinking” circles in Washington these days…this man is spreading alarm about man-made EMPs…possibly coming our way – and destroying our electro-internet-tech system if we do not address this problem asap.  There is so much to worry about these days…and then we have to worry about who is taking care of the things we have to worry about – like: The Virus, the Climate, the Economy – if you believe any of these things matter or are in fact – facts.  And you wonder why I am sitting in the back-yard throwing stones?
  • Exhausted from all my ‘Lockdown’ self-improvement duties, I read a couple of news articles which came to me via iPhone.  The  first one was about 2 blobs of hot, writhing lobes of molten stuff causing a negative shift of the magnetic flux (there is the ‘magnetic’ business again) of the Earth’s core…the effect of which is to thrust the Earth’s axis from the North Pole to somewhere in Siberia.OMG!
  • The next article I read was about kids and why they are asking different questions today than they did back in the day.  For example, some children are asking, “Daddy, why is the sky not blue?…and the Fathers are having as difficult a time telling their child why the sky is not blue as parents of yesteryear had trying to tell them why it was blue in the first place. Interesting times.
  • Oh, and then I read one about how  Geometric-photos show the  planet Earth is really lumpy in appearance and not quite a sphere…it was described to appear like a ‘lumpy potato’…and I thought of that picture depicting Christopher Columbus making his pitch to Qween Isabella for his trip to the U.S.A. …and him showing her how the earth was not flat by holding an apple in his hand and that her ships would not fall off the planet…and I thought if he had held a lumpy potato in his hand he probably would not have closed the deal…and that the Incas would still be around, with their crazy calendar, and the buffalo would still roam the Plains, and there would have been no slave trade, or potatoes in Europe…and we probably would not have the Electronic Magnetic Pulse to worry about either. But then I remembered seeing the picture of the earth that NASA took a while back and it did not look like a lumpy potato to me. So maybe the Lumpy potato idea was just another FALSE POSITIVE, or whatever you call it.

“I’m all for Progress. It’s Change I don’t like. – M. Twain (Isn’t that the truth?)

Take care out there – and keep your house safe from humans.


Episode #61 cont’d, Bonus Picture: Our Hero, the Bluebird of Happiness and Mamzelle Pinkie had so much fun spooning last week, they are still at it. Their Social distancing chaperone, Miz Ezmiralda, the Hairy Pig Queen of the Stuffed Animals living in the Realm of the Humans and other Dangerous Creatures – who is a bit of a camera hog…has no idea of the trouble which is brewing in her Queendom. (…as talked about in the picture at the top of this post.)

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