Episode #60 from NOTEFLIX’s production of: Troubles in the Garden: Our hero, the Bluebird of Happiness and his love, Mamzelle Pinkie, are now allowed to go out – to  have a near normalized life – and they are pecking on a fine meal together. They are still keeping a safe distance and wearing masks – so not to bother any creature who might be concerned about their passing along contagion – even though studies show stuffed animals do not spread virus’s. In the top left of the photo you will observe Miz Ezmiralda, the  Hairy Pig Queen of the Stuffed Animals living in the realm of the Land of Humans and Other Dangerous Creatures – she is there to make sure our favorite couple is following all healthful guidelines. For those who are interested, the dinner conversation was mostly about whether Mamzelle Pinkie should go back to work as a journalist, covering her favorite foods – or is it too early in the ‘Recovery’ process? As for The Bluebird of Happiness, he voted to keep her home with him in Lockdown.  The evening lasted long into the night.


  • These are exciting times. It seems there is whole new field of Philosophical/Governmental/Ethical thought for us to consider. “Are we here to support the Economy?”  “Is the Economy a separate stage of its own upon which we are merely players?”  “Are Economies moral entities?”  “Are Economies ‘People too’?”  I am not making this up.  These are questions, the answers to which are being played out behind your very eyes – while you are in lockdown.  When I went to school, Economics was:  “The study of the flow of Goods and Services”.   Now  Economics might be morphing into a form of State into which we are born (and die).   I know, I know there is nothing I can do about it – but it is interesting.  Maybe I can vote.   At least if things go down the wrong way in the end I will be able to say, “At least I voted”.
  • While in Lockdown I have been catching up on Religious/Spiritual readings – writings I’ve been meaning to delve into for many years – seeking:  Answers, Meaning…I’m not sure what.  So.  I read that Krishna is the ‘Supreme Enjoyer’.  (We never had a President who wanted to be an Enjoyer. We had one who was  self-proclaimed ‘The Decider’ – which did not bring  us much joy) Krishna says  in order to Enjoy, we must first learn to understand our suffering. Krishna says we must acknowledge the unhappiness of Existence and must inquire as to why we are suffering (something our current President is helping me to contemplate)  – in order to reach  towards perfection.
  • In the same reading about ‘The Supreme Enjoyer” I was told to be kind to everyone I meet …for everyone is carrying a great burden.”   I will tell you where I am with that: I know a few whose burden is not great enough – may Krishna forgive me, and I also have great difficulty being kind to that person unloading his/her great burden ever so slowly in front of me at the grocery counter.   I know: “What’s the rush?  Relax.  Strive for peace.”  Maybe this Lockdown is a good thing for me.
  • I have also read about “Art” – in my never ending quest of  becoming highly civilized. –  in this vein I learned that ‘Six Winged Angels’ typically, traditionally, are the deliverers of Stigmata.  But, in Belini’s “St. Francis in the Desert”,  you will note the ‘Six Winged Angel’ is not in the painting…If no Angel, then how does St. Francis get the stigmata?  The debate rages on about this painting…(Imagine what more I can learn if this lockdown continues.)
  • I have read ‘studies show’ that many people who suddenly become ‘Religiously Extreme’ also have had a serious head injury.  I would like to be paid to do a study to see if Lockdown has resulted in any “White light”, “Third rail”, or ‘Temple Lobe Experiences” in greater number than if we were all out and about.  How do you get paid to do these studies?
  • Another study I’d like to do relates to a note I made before this Lockdown.   It says here: “40% of Americans speak Spanish at home.”  They must mean in Texas, or Nevada, or some place out there.  I have trouble believing in the accuracy of this note – what with the lying media and all; but I’ll go with it for a bit.  What I want to know is not what language they are speaking; but what are they talking about?  That would be a good study.  Are they taking Spanish lessons?  What about the people who are not ‘Americans’?  What language are they speaking?  English?  There must be something wrong with the note.

I’ll leave you alone with your own thoughts, for now.

But first, a  quote I re-read the other day – which somehow relates to the topic mentioned in the first bullet of this post.

  • “Man can only be highly Civilized when other men inevitably less civilized are there to guard and feed them. -George Orwell.

Take care out there and enjoy, or not. You decide.



  1. At least I voted…something to contemplate on Memorial Day.

    will you be able to vote now that you are an expat?

    1. Yes, even though I’m told the election may be rigged – only if Trump loses, of course.

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