The Things We Say

(In this section of our post we will mention some words, or phrases which might help the reader be more attuned to the current parlance of the land. The mentioning does not  bespeak our opinion one way or another of what is  brought forth.)

1) Spelunking. As in (we have been told)  some men have gone to “spelunking in their man-caves…and some have trouble getting out.

2) Octopodes. The plural for Octopus. Of course the nominative singular of ‘octopus ‘in English should be: OCTOPOUS. There you have it.

3) Psychoactive Substances.  Soon coming to you from China. Oh my…that is all we need; but we need to know its name, no?

4) Intern. Free labor.

5) If you’re happy and you know it – Clap your hands!” – (Nursery Rhyme)

    “If you Believe – Clap your hands!” – (Tinkerbelle)

    “If you believe you are happy – Clap your hands!” – (cem)

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