Americana & Gobalrama


1) In 1800 it took 42 days to go from New York to:

A) Paris  (…France that is; there was no Paris, Ohio in 1800)

B) Chicago

C) Brazil

2) It is cheaper for goods to be shipped from:

A) Boston to Seattle

B) Guangzhou to Boston

C) Vietnam to Spain

(The correct answers are to be found at the bottom of today’s posting.)


I read where we (Americans)  – according to new studies – fear corruption of Government officials,  and lack of health care, and bad changes in our environment even more than we fear speaking in public places…and even more than  our being stuck in enclosed spaces. From this we can conclude that things change, after all.

*Answers to 1) & 2) above: B in both cases. Why do you need to know these  things? The answer is twofold: 1) It is interesting to note how much things have changed and the less they have remained the same.  And 2) The more we know, the more interesting we are. Imagine you dazzling them in line at Starbucks by saying “I read where moving goods from  Guangzhou is pretty cheap these days.” ….There is more like this to follow in days to come.

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