Update on NOTEFLIX’s “Troubles in the Garden”: This photo is a sort of Tableau Vivant, depicting our cast’s curiosity as to the identity of our “Answer Man”. (Read below) Does the bust of the man (under the scarf) represent a real man? Or a ‘thing’ from the Metaverse? Or, nothing more than a meme for an algorithm? We will not reveal his true identity, no matter how much you offer to pay us.


A Brand New Segment for our readers:

INFAQs (Infrequently Asked Questions) & AFTAM (Answers from The Answer Man):

  • INFAQ: “ Will there be ‘Self-driving’ car races in the future?”  AFTAM:  Good question.  Yes.  Horse races followed horse riding.  Car races followed car riding.  It would seen logical there will be races between self-driving cars in the near future.  Next Question, please.
  • INFAQ:  “What is LUCID?  I never heard of it.”   AFTAM:  Another good question. LUCID is a car.  It won ‘Motor Trend’s’ car of the year award.  It’s stock is valued at more than FORD’s and the company lost over a half billion dollars last year and is forecasted to hemorrhage money for another year, or so.  You can buy a LUCID car  for $169,000, if you have the money.  Here is more than you asked for:  RIVIAN is another car.  The company is worth more than LUCID and is valued at more than VW. And Tesla (Which I know you have heard of) is worth more than: Toyota, 5 GMs, and 6 Fords combined (…but is also not making any profits)
  • INFAQ:  “Is Disney really going into the sports betting business?”  AFTAM:  You bet’chya.  This old world forever changes and the Brand that was for children will now take your bets on the NFL, ABA, WTA and the like.  Years ago, Vegas was the only place you could legally gamble in the U.S.  But that is all ancient history today and nobody wants to know about history anymore.  Also, more than you asked for:  Sports Fans who bet,  are 2 times more likely to be ‘Crypto’ familiar than others.  What this means, even the Answer Man does not know.
  • INFAQ:  “Hey, Answer Man, is it true that studies show we can eat seaweed and make it taste almost like meat?  And that we can make dyes for clothing from seaweed?”  AFTAM: Yes, unfortunately it has come to this.
  • INFAQ:  “I have heard we have entered ‘The AGE of BAD MOVIES’.  Is this true?”  AFTAM:  Again, a good question.  Sadly, you have heard correctly. It has been over a year since they have made a good movie.  Car chases are up.  Bombs, buildings falling down, digital nightmares abound. Revenge is the emotional driver of the day; but plot lines, dialogue and acting scenes have not even been tried and have not had chance to make it to the cutting room floor.  Some say this is a result of a Communist plot to take over the Free World.  Some say the movies of today are made by Algorithms. Who knows what others are saying.

And now a word from our guest columnist MATHUZALA:


  • “Remember when people got together and just talked about food?  Not about pollution, bills, health care, riots, ‘getting even’, or guns?  Was there ever such a time in your life?  We rats still talk a lot about food.  We can help you come to your senses..”

If you want to know how to come to your senses – go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS” and experience the joy of living.


  • We read the news from the U.S. everyday.  It seems the gun situation back home is out of control, literally.  Tuscany, as far as guns are concerned, would not be a good place for many Americans.  There is no protection of the use of firearms in the Constitution here. This does not seem to bother the locals.  I found an article which gave me some facts: In the past 12 years, or so, in America, there have been 240 mass shootings, killing over 1,400 and wounding another 1000 plus. Whereas in Italy there has been 1 (ONE) attempted mass shooting with no (ZERO) fatalities.  There are 14 guns per hundred Italians.  120 guns per 100 people in the States.  Most guns in Italy are for hunting and sports shooting. (Not for things like revenge)  No AR-15s and ‘Automatics’ allowed.  You need: A license.  No criminal, or drug record.  A mental health examination.  A physical examination.  Shooting range training.  You must register the gun with the police. You can’t take the gun out of the house, except to hunt or sports shoot….The regulations go on and on.  Gun-wise, it feels pretty safe over here.  Just saying.


A quote:

  • “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” -Klingon Proverb  -also, a MAFIA observation -also, advice given by Pashtun Elders.

Play nice…and “Hello” to Maggie, wherever you are.

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