Scene from NOTEFLIX’s “Troubles In The Garden”:  Our hero, The Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness is still lost – trying to come home after the Battles.  He has descended into the Field Of The Dreaded Mushrooms.  A loud voice has said to him “DO NOT EAT OF THE DREADED MUSHROOMS”; but being tired and ornery, he decides to take a bite, anyway. (Continued at bottom of this post)


  • CHAOS THEORY:  This is no theory it is a fact.  It deals with recognizing that the most infinitesimal changes at the outset of an operation, or event, can lead to totally random and unpredictable outcomes.  Take for example the eating of the apple in Eden.  …Or how your last semester in school turned out.  And so on.  Then there is…
  • THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT: …which is a pretty sounding metaphor for: once one thing happens the whole world is changed because of that simple action.  Back to what happened after eating of the apple.
  • FRACKING:  I have read this causes burps in the ground – and sometimes – small earthquakes; much like acid reflux would be to us.  But the energy we get from this is cheap and it keeps us competitive for now.
  • I read a headline that said a space rover has found methane on Mars – and that scientists are ‘intrigued’ by this.  Have we not discovered enough methane down here on planet earth?   What with all our cows, cars and termites constantly belching it out.  How much did it cost us to find methane on Mars?  Is that an example of the CHAOS THEORY in action?
  • You cannot walk out off a ‘Mens’ room in the U.S. without being confronted with a sign to remind you to wash your hands before you leave.  This is the 21st century and we still need this sign?  “Yes” is the answer; but it shows how little we have progressed since leaving Eden.  Granted, never having exited a ‘Ladies’ room, I do not know if such a sign is required in those places.  Maybe there is progress in the other gender.
  • I read where an ants nest is one organism.  I’m beginning to think we are becoming one organism, too.  And we are in the process of creating our self-inflicting pesticide and are heading for our own big spray day.  It might be just a mood I am in – after reading all the time about the climate changing for the worse, and our involvement in that and 7 soon to be 9 soon to be 11 billion of us all boiling – like the frogs do and do nothing about it – and no jobs and everybody in America with assault weapons with extra easy to load clips.  As I say, it might just be a mood and maybe I need to release a little methane and then I’d feel better about things.
  • IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING:  I bring this up in relation to the thought that if we see an oddball walking down the street, someone who looks like he could ‘lose it’  – we are supposed to call 911, or the cops or the National Guard.  I have not seen a golf ball lately; but years ago when I played the game, you would keep a ball until you lost it in the woods or water – and if you hit that old ball wrong, you could rip a deep slice in the cover – and then with nothing better to do, you could peel the cover off…and then you would notice the inside of the ball was nothing but a tightly wound up rubber band kind of thing.   And then if you picked at a strand of that rubbery twine, and severed it, well, the whole thing frizzed up and devolved into a crazy heap of stringy loose rubber.  My point is: it could be the same with us – and we could lose it and go all frizzed up after we take too many hits.  And who is to tell who has taken what hits out there?  Me?  I was walking in the woods the other day and inspired by the beauty of it all, and seeing a butterfly flapping its wings.  I started reciting a poem aloud, and as I was doing this I came across a young lady and nodded hello to her – and after a hundred yards or so I realize in today’s circumstances she could turn me in for acting like I was about to go viral, or something, because of my mutterings.
  • I read that any form of therapy is better than no therapy at all. Me?  I am going for ‘Past Lives’ therapy…and will keep at it until someone tells me I was once in The Garden.

Some comments from others:

  • “The optimist proclaims we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true.” -James B. Cabell – 1879-1958
  • Journalist: “Mr. Ghandi, what do you think of modern Civilization?”  Ghandi: “That would be a good idea.” -1869-1948

NOTEFLIX’s “Troubles In The Garden” continued; Our hero, The Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness has eaten of the Dreaded Mushrooms and is either hallucinating and seeing horrible things in his path – or he his seeing things more clearly now.  (To be continued)


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