Episode #74 to NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Our cast of Protesting characters have been rounded up and put in jail – awaiting bail. As you can see, not only are there good characters in there; but there is a bad guy, too ( See Mortimer – behind Mamzelle Pinkie). Bork, the purple and angry Slug, escaped the cops. (We will see more of him anon.) Did their protest mean anything? Do demonstrations bring change? (See next week for more action)


  • It turns out there were ‘Hobbit’-like creatures a long time before the book was written.  They lived in Indonesia, on the island of Flores. They were 3 1/2 feet tall and hunted pygmy elephants.  They disappeared 50,000 years ago. Homo Sapiens played a major role in their extinction.  We got off to a bad start, right from the beginning.
  • More than 10% of people who rented a car in Japan last year used the car for  purposes other than transportation:  Meeting with clients, speaking on the phone, napping.  The rental agencies are clocking low mileage.  The more I read about what is going on – the less I understand.
  • Here are the top 3 money/gambling sports in the world:  1) The Horses  2) Soccer  3) Tennis.  I read that, maybe, the best ‘predictor’ of the winner of Presidential Race is the Gambling Odds out of Vegas.   As of today, Vegas has Biden up by 12 1/2%…but that is down a point since last week.  I think Paul Revere  – running in the Third at Belmont – is more of a ‘Sure Thing’ than the ever changing Presidential odds are showing today. The touts say Paul Revere  is a mudder, and the track is wet.
  • The trees are working their trunks off.  Trees remove 2 Billion tons of Carbon a year from the air. But we are adding 10 Billion in the air, annually.  So, what’s the solution?  1) We grow more trees? and, or  2) We wear masks for reasons other than the pandemic? and, or  3) We stop polluting?  I’m still putting my money on Paul Revere in the Third.
  • In Jordan no red food coloring is allowed.  There are no Red Velvet cupcakes  in Jordan.  We can buy Red Velvets any time we want in our cities and suburbs.  There are advantages to living in the U.S. of A.  – despite all the Crazies (Good and Bad) running about.
  • I read that Camels were mentioned more than 20 times in  The Book of Genesis- and Genesis #24, (written down sometime in the 6th century B.C.) tells of Abraham’s servant riding a camel to find a wife for Isaac; but camels did not arrive in Israel until the last 3rd of the 10th century B.C. (Abraham, himself, lived in the 1st half of the 2nd Millennium B.C.)  How did this slip by the editors?  I am writing a book and my editors are driving me nuts with their little details – i.e., commas, dashes and proper spacings.  Maybe some skills, (editing?) have improved over the ages.  I like it when impossible things happen in books – such as riding camels years before there are camels to ride.  It sparks the imagination.  Think of ‘Hobbit’-like creatures living in harmony with humans while searching for the Ring. Think of the spread in Vegas going to over 20%.
  • I have read an article which said the new #1 Power in the world will not be the U.S. nor the Chinese; but it will be Chaos.  I try not to read such things before I go to bed.  I read an article on the subject of World Supremacy which postulated that after the Americans lose their #1 position in the world, they will be the ‘New Italians’ in that they will survive on ‘Charm and Crime’.  The Italians still put the best of their Roman World Supremacy past on display, like the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Aqueducts.  Whereas, we can show Disneyland to the folks.
  • I see we are in the final times of the Buddhist Stage of ‘Mappo’.  This Stage has a 100,000 year cycle and it is Male dominated.  The ‘Feminine’ is now rising – and causing great stress.  In the stage of ‘Mappo’ people become corrupt and cannot understand Kharma – and includes governments you cannot trust.  I can’t wait for ‘Mappo’ to be over.   I hope the ending is not rigged.
  • In 1838 a Baptist minister calculated Jesus would return sometime between  3/21/1843 and 3/21/1844.   And then the world would end.  When this did not happen, he re-calculated the date to be 10/22/1844.   And Jesus still did not come and end things.  In time the followers of  this minister grew in number – and this marks the beginning of 7th Day Adventists. So, who says “Mind your beginnings”?

From the Editor-in-Chief: We are adding a new Columnist to our Site.  His name is Mathuzala.  We include Mathuzala’s writings to give the reader the benefit of a different Point of View (from ours) on matters large and small.  Mathuzala’s over-arching opinion is:  “We cannot afford Civilization.”   We do not necessarily hold this position ourselves, but we post it for your consideration.


Mathuzala speaks:

  • “Some of your Politicians warn that economies could suffer, irreparably, if  nations act to protect the well-being of their people – rather than give first priority to protect business entities.  The question arises: ‘Is the health of the economy more important than the health of its people?’ If the answer is ‘Yes’ – then it is a step backward – and the past is not a good place to go.”
  • “Your most successful business start-ups are Security firms.  Cybersecurity is also a real good investment.  The bad guys are one town ahead of the posse…and there are plenty of bad guys out there.  Also, Personal Security Guard businesses (Protecting the Rich from everybody else) are thriving enterprises.  These businesses do not speak well of a happy society.”
  • ….

(This segment came to an abrupt end because Mathuzala’s nurse had to take him for his nightly transfusion.  You will read more from Mathuzala next week.)

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