Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of  “Troubles in the Garden”: What is going on here? Has Mamzelle Pinkie, replicated herself in some sort of a Virtual World? Or, has a Mamzelle Pinkie imposter attempted to take center stage in vicious cabal? Or,  are you seeing things that do not exist? The only one who likes the confusion is Bork, the Angry Purple Slug – who is not only Angry; but is a bit Mad, as well. (Come back next week for more.)


  • WHAT IS WHAT?:  I read forty people got in a brawl in a restaurant because there was not enough Steak at the buffet.  I read a State Congressman beat another Congressman (and broke his jaw) with an Ax Handle, during an enraged debate over some issue, I cannot remember what  the issue was.  I read where there were bomb threats at many churches and colleges throughout the U.S. last week. (Racial & Religious issues) Don’t even look at what is happening on airplanes.  It is hard to believe what you see before your very eyes these days.  We are fed up with all this chaotic behavior reported in the news – and we can’t take it anymore. I guess, for some it is easier to  believe crazed conspiracy theories such as: JFK Jr. will come back to take down a pedophile cabal and help Trump return to the White House, or there is a Butterfly Reserve in Texas which is doing unspeakable things to children like that Pizza place did a few years ago, or there being no need to protect ourselves from the Pandemic.   …Who in their right minds wants to believe there is a Steak shortage at the Buffet? …and that we can no longer breathe on each other?  Not us.
  • BUSINESS OF AMERICA:  Remember when Calvin Coolidge said “The Business of America is Business”?  Fast forward to today:  What if American Businesses aren’t headquartered in America and don’t pay any taxes there?  Is that any of my business?  What if they are: Too Big to Fail? Or, Too Big to Regulate? Or, Too Big to Tax? Or, Too Big to Prosecute?  I wonder what Mr. Coolidge would say about the Business of America today.
  • OLDEST TREE IN AMERICA:  Guess: #1) is around 100 years old.  #2) is around 500 years old.  #3)  is around 5,000 years old.  (You are correct if you guessed #3).  The Forest Service won’t tell you where the tree is, because they are scared of you and what you might do – and it is none of your business, anyway.
  • STUDIES SHOW:  Drivers in ‘Fancy’ cars are four times more likely to cut off other drivers in a four way intersection and three times more likely to cut off pedestrians anywhere they find them. Another study tells us today’s recent High School graduate knows more about the planet Jupiter than she/he knows about the subject of Slavery in America.  Another study reveals not only are cows and termites not as big Methane emitters (Greenhouse gasses) as the Oil & Gas people…but that ‘We” have known this for over a decade; but refuse to believe it.  One last study for this posting:  More than 15% of people who profess concern about privacy will provide email addresses of their friends in exchange for a free pizza.
  • A THEORY – not a CONSPIRACY):  I read where it was supposed that if you hooked up a national energy grid to take advantage of wind and solar…there always being wind and solar somewhere in the U.S. …we could cut our power plant emissions down by 80%.  It’s just a theory, but better than the one about there being no power plant problems of concern to humans and, or the earth.


Now a few words from our rodent guest Columnist MATHUZALA:


  • We rats do not like hot weather conditions.  Extreme heat causes us to drool uncontrollably, and also discourages us from procreating. We do not need to read your studies to know it is getting hotter.  We feel this down on the ground.  It seems to us you humans cannot, or will not do what is necessary to improve the situation.  We rats must come up from down under and do what is necessary.  We offer to you an extended claw to join in on the opportunity to make things better…

If you wish to know how to help MATHUZALA – and his crew – and make this a better world; buy “THE RAT PAPERS” on Amazon or Barnes & Noble and go for it.


First a CORRECTION.  Last week we incorrectly referred to the items in the picture (seen immediately below) – taken at our local ‘Pasticceria ‘- as “Orange Covered Chocolate Rinds” …which is not only wrong; but absurd. They, in fact, are:  Chocolate Covered Orange Slices.  We apologize for the error and hope the misinformation did not send you down a deranged path thinking the Chocolate Cartel was being taken over by the Left-wing Orange crowd.

Yesterday, we ordered a cappuccino from our Barista, Fabbio, and this is what we were served.  Can you tell us what is wrong with this picture?

Pay Attention!  There are rules!  Rules for “Cappuccino”…One of the rules is in order for it to be a true Espresso drink, it must be served in a Porcelain cup.  The drink pictured above has the right ingredients and is a work of beauty; but does not meet the Tuscan standards to be qualified as a “Cappuccino”.  I checked a short while ago and I found a “Cappuccino” at Starbucks is defined as:  $2.85.  It is tough everywhere.

And now a quote, or two:

  • “There are Animal Spirits in the Markets.”  -John Maynard Keynes, Economist….It seems the Animal Spirits have busted out of the Marketplace  and are creating chaos in the rest of our society
  • “It seems that Chaos, not China, is likelier to take America’s place as World Leader.”  -Edward Luce, Financial Journalist.

Tha, Tha, That’s all folks, (for now) and a fond “Hello” to Mike, wherever you are.




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