No Update on Noteflix’s production of “Troubles in the Garden” – as we are in sympathy with the Writers Strike. As you will be able to discern when you read below, even our editor has not come in to work.  However, we will show you a photo of what can happen in nice parts of the world from time to time.  (Chianti  vineyard – Tuscany)



  • Studies show: 1 in 3 Americans could not pass the multiple choice test required for immigrants to become U.S. citizens. 1) I bet the reader of this thinks the third that would flunk the test belongs to the political party that the reader  does not belong to. 2) I bet a higher percentage of immigrants think Biden is President of the U.S. than Americans do. 3) A higher percentage of Americans did not know who we fought against in WW11…which goes to show you we are not living in the past.
  • A study shows: Money  (an increase of) does make you “Happier”. 1) I should have seen this study in my earlier years and gone for the more money approach to life – and become even more happy than I am 2) But, as you know, many studies are corrupted by the Rich and Powerful and perhaps they sanctioned  this study just to have even more to lord over the rest of us.
  • A study shows that holding hands can reduce the intensity of physical pain. They say when  a couple holds hands; brain waves synchronize. It is called “The Coupling Effect”. 1) I’ll bet that won’t work with half the country holding hands with people belonging to the other half of the country – you know what I mean. I mean there are some people you do not want to hold hands with no matter how much pain they put you in.
  • A study reveals  “The Bulk of a Murder rate is really a ‘Sweat Valve’ for Society,.. one that prevents (or proceeds) the gathering of mob discontent and  true meaningful civil strife…which could lead to institutional change. A conclusion of this study is a certain amount of murder is to be anticipated as “tension release”. 1) Maybe these potential murderers could benefit by holding hands. 2) Or could more money help? 3) If you were asked on your U.S. Citizen’s exam if ‘Murder’ was: a) a ‘Crime’?  or b) a ‘Sweat Valve’? and you checked #b) you  probably did not pass.
  • Good News: A study on 3,000 rats shows only 2% to 3% of rats exposed to 9 hours a day of radio frequency similar to 2G and 3G phones get a dealdyform of brain cancer and only 7%  develop heart tumors. 1) What do the rats think of that? 2)What does this have to do with me? 3)How do you get the Money for these studies? 4) How do yo get 3,ooo rats?

This is where we usually have our Resident Rodent Guest Columnist MATHUZALA present his thoughts. As many of our readers know, he has gone missing the past few weeks…However, sources tell us, he is enraged by the study mentioned in the last ‘Bullet’ of our post. It is human activities such as this that has inspired MATHUZLA to create the movement he has set in motion. Were you to want to know more about what is coming, go to Amazon, or Barnes & Noble and purchase several copies of “THE RAT PAPERS a (non) BEST SELLER. (Shown below)


Some quotes which come to mind because of what is posted above.

  • “Tous les choses de monde a une viscose”…Rough translation: “Everything has a stickiness” or “Everything has a cost”. -Blaise Pascal
  • “Holding hands at midnight/‘Neath a starry sky/ Nice work if you can get it/ And you can get it, if you try” -Sung by Frank Sinatra…”Nice Work if You Can Get It”


Th, Th, That’s all folks…and a fond “Hello” To La Pamela, my Editor, wherever you may be…


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