There has been a management change at The Room of Wonder. Some might call it a ‘Takeover’ but whatever it is, it may be for the best. Our format has changed considerably, respecting the bromide “Consistency is the Hob-Goblin of small minds”. Things will be better around here, at least for the writer pictured above.



  • Here are some terms I’ve run across which are new to me: *”Green Fascists”, “Climate Scolds”…these are used by people who are inconvenienced by all this commotion over “Climate Change” and its implications. It is a sly form of Name-Calling, something  some children like to do. “If you can’t beat them, call them names” is the idea I guess…and maybe you can beat them after all. The best Name-Caller I’ve ever witnessed is a former President who resides in a Golf Club, who shall remain unnamed in this post. *”Price Surges”…I read this term in an Economic report. My guess is the writer did not want the reader to think there was Inflation going on, so he wrote about the “Price Surges” instead of “Increasing Costs”.  I now understand why – in middle -school, my English teacher told me to choose my words carefully…it was to be able to say what I wanted to say without having to say what was really going on; I guess.  *And, Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year: “Goblin-Mode”  an “X” (formerly  Twitter)  viral term defined as being  “unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy.” I wonder if this appears on the SATs….do they even have SATs anymore? I am too deep in Goblin- Mode to find out.


(This is a big, big subject which will be confronted in several postings) I understand the News Producers rule: “If it bleeds it leads”. …and I know there are many outlets: Newspapers, TV, Social media, Blogs, Instagram, X, Q-anon, etc., etc. And what we do not know is if things are worse and more dangerous than before or do we just know more about what is going on? And I hear more and more …”So? What can I do about it, anyway?” Or, “If we do that, it is a Slippery-Slope”. (aka “Let’s not do anything.”) Just the other day I looked at several headlines of one of my trusted ‘News Services’: #1 was about the Israeli/Palestine problem/(War?) #2 was Concerned over the low weekend numbers of the new Marvel movie. Me? What about Ukraine as #2? What about that guy in Congress who lied and cheated his way in? What about that guy who has 91 incitements against him? So?  How come the Marvel receipts were so low?… Was it because some of the heroes are women? Was it Biden’s fault? I do not want to know. But maybe the people want to know about the ticket sales and who can trust the ‘News’ anyway? But then can we trust them on accurately reporting the ticket sales? It is all a slippery slope if you ask me.

This may be the last photo you will see of  MATHUZALA, our (soon to be terminated) Resident Rodent Guest Columnist. Some readers claim this is not really a photo of a Rat; but an AI (Artificial Intelligence) created picture, perhaps by a cyborg, even. We are advised to not stare deeply into what you might think is MATHUZALA‘s eye (see dead center of photo) because it might really be the beginning of a Black Hole coming to suck you up.. All this goes to show you never know what to believe, even if you see it in a blog, or any other News source.

A quote, or two:

  • “Seeing is believing.” -Phrase traced back to an unpublished manuscript, 1609, in library of Trinity College, Cambridge.
  • “Plus ca Change, plus c’est la meme chose.” (The more things change, the more they remain the same) – Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, 1849.

Both of the above no longer apply to this world.

That’s it for now, from here…and a fond “Hello” to Morgan & Chris, wherever you are.

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