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Pathway to Understanding

SELFIE ELBOW:  (What is there to say here?  This is a self-explanatory word coupling.  If you are troubled with this condition: Get Help.  Do not just endure; theories suggest you could be on the path to the Disorder of a Narcissistic Sociopath.  Just warning.)

OBOR:  ONE BELT ONE ROAD.  The new Silk Road going from inland China by rail, road and sea  – through India, Eurasia and wherever it is necessary to get to various parts of Europe.   OBOR will pass through 75% of the world’s population and commercially engage with 75% of the world’s energy supplies.  We are talking; Infrastructure and Infrastructure. Thoughts:

  1. …and we are having difficulty building a ten-mile long extra lane on Route 66 going into Washington DC.
  2. …What’s in this for us?  It must be a good thing, no? I will put my five dollars on the bet that within five years we will come up with a movie that is titled something like “Murder on the OBAR Express.” Or, it could be a Netflix series; but either way, we will not be left behind in this. Nobody knows how to make money like we do, or at least, like we did.

CHINESE SAYING: “Slaughter the chickens to scare the monkeys.”  This means:

  1. The Chinese have horrible sayings.
  2. It is a metaphor for beating up on the small guys, so the bigger guys see what you can do – and then they behave.
  3. Are we the “chicken” here?  Or the next bigger guy?  Or, are we out of this picture?

The Chinese are everywhere and doing everything these days: (See OBOR above) and now slaughtering chickens. I read where they are now into our pork. Is this inevitable? Is ‘Our Era’ over? Is this a good thing? Is it anything? I cannot help but wonder.

  • XENOPHOBIA: Fear, or hatred of Foreigners.  (Word of the year in -2016)
  • POST-TRUTH: (New word in Oxford Dictionary)
  • EAR WORM: Not a worm, per se; but a tune that wiggles from inside your ear to your brain and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get it out. (I have an ear-worm right now. Here are the words to the tune I keep hearing: “Oh, the shark has pretty teeth, Dear – and he shows them pearly white.”  [‘Mac the Knife’] I do not know if this has anything to do with any of the above. I’ll see if the worm vanishes after this posting.)

It has been suggested I end each section with an uplifting thought. So here goes: “He who seeks beauty – will find it.” American saying, attributed to Bill Cunningham, New York Times’ Photographer – in his Obituary.

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