#1) Words Must Mean Something & #2) THINGS TO THINK ABOUT

Owl of Truths.


During the past few years, I have had the opportunity to attend several Office/Business/ Staff/Executive/Work type meetings.  I have noticed there is a certain and  – to me – strange, style of word delivery which has cropped up during these events.  Below is a sampling.  Perhaps you have heard the same, or may even be fluent in them yourself.  The river  of our language is constantly flowing – to exceeding its banks.

  • “BUBBLE UP…”:  This is when the meeting leader is asking the individuals in the gathering to contribute ideas… As in: “Please feel free to ‘bubble up’ during this session.”
  • “TEE QUERIES UP…”:  This is another way of asking for attendees to go ahead and ask questions.  Egad! I have heard,”You can tee queries up, so we can get to the right level of atmospherics.”  Sometimes I have to take notes on my notes, just to try to understand what is being said in my native tongue.
  • SOCIALIZE IT”:  This is used by the leader to suggest the group talk & socially inter-act about a corporate agenda, rather than by written report.  As in: “Socialize it.”
  • “REACH OUT”:  You have probably already heard this one during the course of normalized human events. “Reaching out”  has reached in to our daily parlance.  Me?  I try to Reach Within; but that’s me. or I Reach Over – when I have to.
  • “COMPONENTS”:  This is a substitute for the word INDIVIDUALS.  As in : “You could reach out and socialize the problem in granularity with various components of this meeting.”  (“Granularity” is a toss off.  It is hard to keep up in these meetings.  Are they speaking English?  American?  What?)
  • “RESONATE”:  As in: When Joe Blow reached out to me with an idea that he bubbled up during the meeting – it really resonated with me.  If you hear yourself speaking like this you should reach out and socialize more often.
  • “CHANGING THE NARRATIVE”:  aka, switching the story, or going from one issue to another.
  • “BANDWIDTH”:  As in,”He does not have enough ‘bandwidth’ to read 40 pages of a narrative.  Bandwidth referring to: mental capacity.  As for “bandwidth” I am still trying to grasp its internet & cable related meanings, let alone in relation to my IQ.  Remember IQs?  What were they?  I think in the onrushing future we could get in a situation where our “bandwidth” could bring us so much data that we will have to store it in our own personal cloud and then we could develop Cumulus retrieval problems in our frontal lobes….aagh, now I’m beginning to think like THEM.

If people speak to you, using words like these; they may be speaking down to you, as if you were a little ‘know nothing’. My suggestion to you is to reach in and bubble up and socialize elsewhere – after you’ve changed the narrative, of course.


Owl of Truths, on the move.


  • I have read: 1) The Equator is expanding.  How can this be?  I am beyond terrified.  I hope this is one of those things you should not believe, just because you’ve read them. 2) The Middle class is shrinking. This I believe; but not so in China.  I hear the Middle Class over there is bigger in number than our whole population is over here, legal or illegal.  Things aren’t what they used to be.  This is not a complaint, mind you – just an observation. Sometimes I wonder if I’m falling behind the times, even though I try to stay even – or if the times are not catching up to me, or if all of this is going in a different direction than I want to go…Are any of you out there of a similar disposition?
  • Not only is the Equator expanding but the Cloud is getting bigger than anything and everything.  I’m told, for example, all our bets in Vegas are in the Cloud. winners and losers.  Why?  We keep facts, errors, information, outdated and irrelevant information, emails – you name it – up there.  Ones and zeroes.  Correct and incorrect stuff – who cares?  We just keep it.  Are we creating our own Black Hole by sucking up all this energy?  I read: Our Cloud burns more energy than most countries of the world expend in energy in total.  This cannot be believed, can it?  2) Our Spam carbon footprint alone is equal to that of over three million cars.  3) Four years ago the electric bill for our ‘Cloud’ activity was $6.6 Billion a month. 4) We need more Data centers to keep the Data cool and get it to the Cloud….football fields and football fields of them to keep all our facts, right & wrong, winners and losers all up there in the ever increasing Nimbus Cumulus Cloud.  OMG.  There is a parallel Universe – and we created it.  5) Does this have anything to do with the expansion of the Equator?  I wonder.
  • I have read: 3/4 of Americans are pessimistic. No wonder, if you have read what I have read.  And Optimists earn 20% less than the Pessimists.  This is especially true in my case, as a matter of fact, I have brought the averages down over the years, but I believe things will get better in this regard.
  • Choir boys voices are breaking earlier (12-13 years of age now. It was 14-15 only a few years ago)  Girls are developing breasts earlier than a few decades ago.  1) Is this: Bad diet?  2) Or, are we evolving?  3) Or, are things getting better down here on earth?  Remember, we used to castrate boys so they could keep their fine tenor.  Not anymore – at least not that I know of.
  • I have read that medically and physically speaking: “Most things get better in the morning”.  1) Is this a form of wisdom?  2) Is this a threat to the medical community?  3) Can you wait until tomorrow morning for things to get better?

Hang  in there. Live Long and Prosper

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