#1 Things Which to Wonder About & #2 Things About Which to Wonder

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#1) Things to be scared about,  

  • Stephen Hawking said Artificial Intelligence (AI) could spell the end of the Human Race. ( And I say so could our Real Intelligence – which I guess would be an oxymoron. Then Elon Musk says AI is summoning up the Demon….and these guys scored high on the IQ tests.  …
  • …Then we have a whole host of smarties coming up with ‘Geo-engineering ‘ ideas to solve our climate problems: i.e., spraying tiny particles of sulphur dioxide into the air to get rid of carbon dioxide…or, fertilizing the oceans with bits of iron to encourage photo plantation to grow & consume CO2…or, dropping stuff in volcanoes…OMG! Stop it…. I guess the thought is doing a bad thing (polluting the air, for example) to counter-act having done another bad thing (Air pollution)…is like a double negative producing a positive. I think that was what they said in Algebra class; but I never did well in Algebra. Or was it some science class? Another field of study I was weak in.
  •  …In a different venue , 80% of the world is eating bugs. We must hold the line here. Here it stops, right at our border. And don’t tell me about the raptures of chocolate on Grasshoppers,
  • …But scary, you want scary? Don’t worry about asteroids crashing into us, or mass caravans of murdering thieves coming into our towns, or your 401k losing 5%…no, worry about a possible ‘Coronal Mass Ejection’…Yes, we are talking about Space weather – and if we get one of those ejections do not worry about wearing sunglasses at the time. What is going to happen is: Everything that plugs into a wall socket is at risk….gone all the things that work in your home. Gone. Ten years to re-build. The cost will be in the trillions. there is no glass half-full on this one.
  • I read where a college student can go into the ‘market-place’ and offer to sell his or her future earnings for a percentage of his or her future earnings. Is this a form of Indentured Servitude? I heard about Indentured Servitude in School; but I was not a good student in school – as I mentioned before – so I’m not sure what kind of bondage this type of transaction represents.  They would not have given me money for 100% of my earnings. I guess I was born into the right times. Anyway, something about this causes me a degree of unease – and when I am uneasy my dog acts as if he is scared of me.


Bird of Happiness, redux
Stuffed Owl of Happiness – Returned by popular demand.


#2 Longevity, Truth to Tell, Creativity and Such

  • Studies show: Underfeeding animals does not increase longevity. They proved this by underfeeding rats, and monkeys and the like.
  1. How do you get money for these studies?
  2. The good news is: It is conclusive malnutrition is not good for longevity.
  3. The bad news is:  Money would have been better spent studying the Mass Coronal Ejection and how I can escape it. 
  • 80% of people lie on their on-line profiles.
  1. But, who lies the most? Men, or women?
  1. Can’t FaceBook check this?
  2. Is lying so bad? What about free speech?
  3. I’ll bet before there were on-line profiles and there were places like bars where people met and told each other about themselves that 80% of them lied about themselves and I’ll bet that most of them were men. I can say that because I’m a man – and I’m 6’4” with lots of money and wavy black hair and good looking too.
  • A Study shows: Creativity follows:
  1. Mind wandering. (I’m good so far)
  2. Resting (Two out of two)
  3. Boredom  (How can you be bored  in this world of :Mass Ejections, people lying about themselves, animals starving to show they can’t live without eating, people eating bugs…What is to be bored about? I guess I failed the ‘Creativity’ test, along with all the others.

But here is the Good News: This study also says that iPhone activity impairs – to stops – these ‘creativity’ requirements. No mind wandering, no resting, no boredom – when you stare into the phone – is what they are saying. Stare into the phone and you will not be bothered by urges of creativity.

I have heard, by the way, that the iPhone we use today has more computer power in it than NASA had in their computers when they sent man to the moon. If only someone would show me hoew to work the my iPhone properly, I could really go places.  Maybe not to the moon, but maybe to Italy to see the Cistine Chapel…Michaelangelo must have been bored out of his mind to have painted that.

That is it for now. Thank you for your time. until next time…

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