Episode #56 of NOTEFLIX’s International production of “Troubles in the Garden”:  As You can see, Mamzelle Pinkie and our hero, The Bluebird of Happiness, are properly wearing masks and keeping a social distance.  That is the good news. What is bad news is they have taken to dickering over what to watch.  Mamzelle Pinkie, being the Foodie she is – wants to watch a cooking show.  The Bluebird of Happiness wants to watch a Rom-Com, being the romantic he is.  Will they compromise and watch a murder mystery? …which neither wants to watch?  How will this play out?  Come back next week to find out.


  • Have you noticed, while in lockdown, people are giving you the craziest advice on what to do with yourself?  I’ve read (on-line): “Do not exercise if you don’t want to.”  “It’s ok to eat whatever you want – as much as you want.”  “Learn a Language.”  Have you tried to learn a language lately?  You might as well shoot yourself.  “Call up someone who you haven’t spoken to in many years because of some misunderstanding you had.”  That’s a good one…talk to that idiot – who was wrong in the first place – in your new foreign tongue.  “Lose weight.”  “Gain Weight.”   Learn to play the piano.” How long do they think this lockdown is going to last?  I could not learn to play the piano before; why do they think I can learn to play one now?   “Hair going grey? What to do while at home with your grey hair.”  My grey hair is falling out, so I do not need to click on to that one.  Many, or most, on-line  articles take too long to say the endless streams of things they want to tell you. And those promo-pictures with the  arrows telling you there is audio/visual accompanying the story?…More often than not, they do not deliver the punch you clicked on for.  I think the on-line news services and e-magazines should take a break for a while and find something important to say while they are in lockdown.
  • Rooting around for something to do, I read a piece about Precision Guided Systems (Robots).  Apparently, a ‘Good’ from these things is there might be fewer non-combatants killed during combat.  I got to thinking that what will happen is the bad guys will develop Anti-Precision Guided Systems (Robots, again) and one Robot will kill another…and then – I wondered – will the human whose robots are killed –  will he surrender?  No!  He will kill the human who destroyed his robots – and everything will go back to square one.  No wonder my grey hair is falling out.
  • I have read that people are having more nightmares than usual.  Better than Daymares, I checked it out; “Daymares” is a word.  There is dream analysis, as you know…and I have often thought much of it is gobble-dee-gook…” … That truck in the dream means you really want to marry your mother”  and the dog biting you nose off means you have a pseudo narcissistic disorder because you feel inferior to…” that sort of talk….but I wonder if our daymares were analyzed, could we improve the way we behave in our sleep?…Maybe we should change channels, or turn it all off for a bit.
  • I was a lousy student of Physics in school.  (But that does not mean I do not believe in Physics).  I remember there was this principle:  “Every action has an equal – and opposite re-action.”  For some reason I have been thinking about this and I have concluded this axiom is incomplete in regard to the affairs of Man.  I think Man’s actions not only have an equal and opposite re-action…but there is a lingering after effect of his actions – an ‘add-on’, if you will. ..more of the foot-print of Man, an external cost to everything Man has done….you can see it in the waste, in the water, in the pollution.  So the Principle should read: “Every action of Man has an equal and opposite re-action – and Then Some.
  •  I remember when I was a kid, sitting on the wall  with Winkie and Chip (3rd grade, maybe) and we were talking about how great the Cleveland Indians team was and Chip says it was going to be even better next year because they were getting a new pitcher and first baseman, Luke somebody – and I thought “How am I going to remember all the new players names?” No sooner had I memorized who was  on First  – then they swapped him out for somebody with a different name. I started to dread the new seasons  – what with all the trades and new people…how could one keep up with all the changes? Same thing happened with Football, Basketball…and Celebrities kept changing, too…You can’t follow it all, don’t tell me you can…No sooner do I learn how to use my phone, then a new one comes out that can take me to the moon, and I don’t want to go to the moon.  I do not like these never ending changes, never have; except for the seasons – them I like.

And now a send-off with some great movie lines from movies you could watch while having nothing else to do.

  • “Play it…Play ‘As Time Goes By’  -Casablanca 1942
  • “There is no place like Home.” -The Wizard of Oz -1939
  • May the Force be with you!” -Star Wars – 1977

Keep a diary.  Breathe.  Relax.  Resist home-dying your hair.


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