Episode #67 to NOTEFLIX’s production of ‘Troubles in the Garden”: Remember Pablo, the Smuggler of Unwanted Stuffed Animals? (See Episode #53, dated 3/30/20) Pablo can wait no longer to bring more Stuffed Animals into the land of Humans and Other Dangerous Creatures. All kinds of new species want in. (Some even still have their tags on them) There are 3 things to note in this picture: 1) Not only are there Stuffed Animals in the shot; but there are also electrical cords in there. (This will be explained in the posting below.) 2) Bork, the fierce, fat and angry Purple Slug has somehow slithered his way into the scene. (See  purple creature, lower left). Perhaps some of the ‘Bad Actors’ (See Episode #65, dated 6/29/20) have not been successfully banished – and all is not as well as presumed. And, 3) Who is that new Fair Lady in the picture? (See upper right, right next to Pablo) – and is she a problem? (See at bottom of this posting for more.)

ODDS AND ENDS (Clearing off some notes; past and present):

  • There are many things you can worry about these days.  A lot to choose from: a) The Pandemic, of course, (unless you do not believe in the Pandemic.  If you do not believe, then you do not have to worry about whether to wear a mask.  One less thing to worry about.  b) How the Pandemic is being ‘Handled’:  And is it still in the first wave?  Or, will there be a second?  Or “What about the heat?”  I had heard the virus doesn’t like the heat; but the numbers are going up big-time in the hot weather zones. How can that be?  Have I been ‘Fake Newsed’ on this issue?  c) One of the Polar caps is melting and I think the other one already has and; are the waters going to rise 3 yards while I’m sitting in my apartment worrying about other things?  d) everybody has moved into the cities and they made the rents go up so high that now everybody can’t afford the cities, so now everybody is moving out and into the burbs and now rents are going through the moon out there and nobody can afford to live anywhere anymore…and the government does not want to send me a check for $1200 because they think if I get that money, I will be de-incentivized to go back to work – and they are right – but I’d sure like that $1200 before Congress votes itself another raise.  e) I read that E-Waste is the fastest growing waste stream in our country (up 21% in 5 years) – and in the rest of the world as well.  This is due to the short life cycle of all electrical stuff, no repairs and all, just toss it out and buy another tv, lamp, or whatever you buy that is electrical. Currently, Europe has generated a total of 22 kilos of E-waste per person.  We have piled up only 20 kilos per; but we are catching up fast. We will be second to none.  While I was in Lockdown a few weeks ago, trying to learn how to play the harmonica – I found (under tables, desks and beds) a lot of wires, cords and things with plugs in them that no longer are of use.  I am afraid to get rid of most of them because I do not know what they are for – and if I will ever need them again and the pile just gets higher and higher. Maybe I am at 22 kilos already.   f) Immigration:  Remember that problem?  Here are some questions: Are we losing the smart ones? (The Techies who know how to use the computers?)   Are we forgetting we came from immigrants ourselves?  Do we need to “close the barn door?”  Who is going todo all the work we won’t want to do once we can go back to work and do the other work we really don’t want to do? I read that not as many people want to come to the U.S. as before.  Should we feel insulted?  g) Food supply.  Yes, today I can over-eat; but I have read in 30 years the world will need to increase its food supply by 50% and I won’t be able to over-eat at all, unless I am among the Super-Rich.  There is not going to be enough food to go around – according to ‘Experts’…and Meat?  The cost of meat is going to go through the roof before we can’t get enough of it…but maybe they won’t allow meat to be ‘grown’ anymore because it costs too much ‘to make’ (water, farmland, and all)… h) and ‘Uncontrolled entries’…these are pieces of man-made space junk which are falling to the earth…(aka space debris) – there will be a hundred tons of the stuff coming down on our heads this year – and more next year…and soon you will have to look up to see if anything is falling on you. Yes, today the odds are less than being attacked by a shark in Ohio; but it is still something you can worry about.  You can mark it all up to the cost of civilization…and add to that the electrical wires and no more bacon and everybody moving in and out and crossing borders and going every which away and nobody doing anything about any of it because “What can you do, anyway”?  i) Oh, and the schools.  Do we open them?  Who is going to teach at them?  Who will send their children to them?
  • And I’m only at ‘i’ in the alphabet and I could go through the whole thing twice… But I’ll leave you for now, instead.

Take no guff, and remember:  If you limp, you are still walking.


(Episode #67 cont’d.) Introducing: Scarlet. Nobody knows from whence she came. She does have a southern sounding ‘tweet’, however. She is a bird of Mystery – and to some ‘Mystery’ means a hidden past. And what is to hide? And why is she here?  Is she: an Uncontrolled Entry? an unwanted consumer of our Food supply? An Immigrant who will take a job from another Stuffed Animal? A student wanting to go to school? Or  worse, a teacher? (See undated future Episodes for more on this exciting matter.) 

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