NOTEFLIX presents a conversation between Our Hero, The Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness and his true love, Mamzelle Pinkie: “Hurry!” Says the Multicolored Bluebird. “Why? What time is it?” Says Mamzelle Pinkie.  “I Don’t know, I can’t tell time; But I know it’s late.” says the Bluebird of Happiness. “You are not making any sense.” Says Mamzelle Pinkie. And this could be the first sign of a tiff between the two. Bork, the Angry Purple Slug is quite happy to overhear the whole episode – even though everyone is running out of time.



  • NON-TIME:  Definition: The art of doing nothing but thinking.  I read Stephen Jobs, Einstein and Neuroscientists all agree that NON-TIME is good for one’s mental and physical health. I am happy to be in the company of Einstein, with whom I agreed on his acknowledgement of Gravity and his Theory of Relativity.  I dispute his calculations on the speed of light, however; but this only goes to show what you can do when you are on NON-TIME.
  • SPEED OF LIGHT: Riddle me this Mr. Einstein. Do you really believe – as you have said,  the speed of light emanating from a lightening bug travels at the same speed of light emanating from the sun? I think not. Of course, if Einstein is wrong  in his calculations then he could be wrong on other things and our whole world could fall apart.  I have to stop it with all this thinking and get back to doing something.
  • TRASH:  When I go for a walk, I pick up the litter/trash I see along  my path.  I do this because I hate to see it – and I like to think I am becoming less a “Part of the Problem”.  Yesterday, I read that Trash Removal and Recycling – as far as importance in helping the Earth and our Environment is concerned  – is 16th on the list.  1st is addressing Geo-Thermal Power.  2nd is Efficient Aviation,  3rd is Forest Protection….and so on down the list, to stopping it with our trash.   I wish Jobs and Einstein had come up with solutions to these problems rather than having ideas that helped create iPhones and A-Bombs.
  • 8 HOUR DAY:  People who work long hours (Ten hour days) are more likely to have strokes (by 20%) than those who don’t.  The ‘eight’ hour day is best for: Self-esteem, Social Networking, and Life Satisfaction.  This study obviously assumes the participants have jobs.  I’ll bet if they did a study on people who cannot find work for up to eight hour days, they’d find a whole host of problems worse than working ten hour days.
  • JOBS:  I found a list of the most dangerous ones: 1) Fishermen (Not fishers of Men)  2) Medical Helicopter Crews  3) Loggers  4) Pilots  5) Garbage Collectors  6) Roofers  7) Power Line Installers  8) Miners  9) Drivers  10) Police Officers.  You will note, NON-TIME Specialists are not on this list.
  • THE CONDITION OF MAN:  ‘They’ are telling me the world is a safer place today than it has ever been.  Violence, wars, ethnic cleansing, civil wars, terrorism…all that behavior is down.  We are in a ‘Long Peace’ and are nicer to each other than we have been – at any time.  You are less likely to be felled by your fellow man than ever before – and are more likely to die from a shark than from a terrorist, or a falling piece of furniture.  (There must be more information on this ‘falling piece of furniture ‘ business.  I will look into it.)
  • FACIAL SNAILS:  Before ‘The Covid’ I had read there was a boy who was going for a record by putting 43 snails on his face.  (Apparently, the snails had to stay on the face for ten seconds to claim the victory.)  His parents were in on the act and were sending videos to the media, giving witness to this feat.    1) Has anybody called ‘Social Services’?  2) This is what happens when people do not work eight hour days – I don’t care whether you are a man, woman or child.

A few words from MATHUZALA, our guest Columnist:


“So Much information, so little knowledge.”

-Excerpted from Chapter 7 of “THE RAT PAPERS”, a book which you can purchase on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

We searched for a few quotes which might add to the pleasure you might have had from reading the above post. Below, is all we could come up with::

  • “Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much: such men are dangerous.” – W. Shakespeare, Dramatist
  • “I’ve completely solved the problem. My solution was to analyze the concept of time. Time cannot be absolutely defined.” A. Einstein, Thinker (Who must have been on NON-TIME when he thought this one up.)
  • “The only reason there is time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” -Einstein, again

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