NOTEFLIX PRODUCTION’s Photo-Quiz # 2: Can you fathom how this picture, in any way, relates to this posting? (Our answer at bottom).


  • FODO:  This is born of Covid19 parlance.  It means:  Fear Of Dining Out.  Apparently, FODO will afflict some people until there is proven Herd Immunity.  We are not in Huxley’s “Brave New World’.   We are somewhere else – and I am not sure where that is.
  • ALONELY:  The opposite of LONELY.  It refers to: Dissatisfaction with not spending enough time by yourself.  Oddly, this is another word which cropped up due to Covid19.  Some people feel ALONELY because they have been cooped up with family members for too long and have not had enough ‘alone time’.  “A Hearth is an Alonely Hunter” -cem
  • HEGEMONY:  This word  appears as a vocabulary/test question in the S.A.T. exams.  It means: “Leadership or dominance, especially by one country or social group over others”.  The S.A.T.s are being dropped as a qualifier for many college entrance applications. Soon, no one will need to know this word, anymore.


  • CHOICES:  I read unless people are independently wealthy, they will either: 1) Work,  2) Go on welfare, or  3) Steal. According to the Economists, there is no other known choice.  What about the Lotto? (When I am President, I am going to prohibit the independently wealthy from playing the Lotto – no sense in them winning any more than they already have – and taking our only chances away from us.
  • “FRACKING must stop!” (….some say.) – If you care about the human and earthly condition. …Unless, if you have a fracking job, or someone in your family does, or you own stock in a fracking business.  Then, maybe there is a good excuse to frack. (You can exchange the word FRACKING in the above paragraph for: Coal Mining, Tuna Hunting, Nuclear Submarine Manufacturing, Ivory Trading, etc.
  • SKILL SETS:  I read, the Inuit Seal/Fur hunters must find new skill sets – just like the rest of us; it is hard to learn new things as we ‘get on’, so we are going to keep on mining the coal and killing seals until we die…
  • SKILL SETS, CONT’D.:…on top of that, the Mexicans and other foreigners have not only taken the jobs we don’t want, they are taking some of the jobs we want –  and what the H. E. Double Hockey Sticks is going on? If I read it correctly, if the Mexicans and  High tech Immigrants take all our jobs  – the rest of us will have to go on welfare – or steal from the Mexicans and High Tech Immigrants…I think I must be missing something here.
  • NEWS FROM THE BUSINESS WORLD:  *It is reported ‘Chicken line speeds’ are going up – despite virus concerns.  *Silicon Valley is offering to pay for freezing the eggs of female employees. (Is this so women can work more and harder whilst still young and full of pep? Why not freeze men’s sperm?)  Would Huxley ever have dreamed this would be?  *I read several Billionaires have set up a foundation with ‘Big Money’ to further science on Biomedical Research aimed at prolonging life.   If I were a billionaire, I’d like to live longer too.  *I saw a headline which stated we are about to lose trust in ‘Corporations’ – and I got to thinking if “Corporations are people too” are we about to lose trust in ‘People’ – as well?
  • OTHER NEWS ITEMS:   *A headline states there are still a few Senators who have never used – and don’t know how to use – an ATM. We are trying to find out their names for your reading pleasure.  What if these Senators are on some committee working on regulating high speed math driven algorithmic trading of Synthetic CDO’s and the like? How can we trust them to do the right thing?  First it was the ‘Corporations’, then the ‘People’, and now we might not even be able to trust our ‘Senators’.  What is next?   *Another headline says “America is losing its Hegemony”…but Americans do not know what ‘Hegemony’ is so what is the loss?

I’ll save the rest for next week.  But now a few words from MATHUZALA our rodent guest columnist:


  • We approve of Twitter and TicTok.  They are good for you. and good for us.  They make you think in simple thoughts, such as “Hi Mom, I’m here!” and “Look at me!”.   And while you are looking into your phones it’s good for us, for you are not doing other things, like having  ‘Long Thoughts’.   …Such as: “I think I’ll build a Nuclear Reactor and develop waste removal solutions later.”   Or, “I’ll add all sorts of chemicals to rodents to see if they live longer…”  So, Tweet away, my friends, keep it simple. smarties.

(Mathuzala seems to be out of sorts, so we’ll end his column at this point today. If you were interested in more of what Mathuzala has to say – you can go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS” and, perhaps, learn about how to develop a new skill set, or two.)

And now a few quotes before we close out:

  • “It’s true work never killed anybody; but I figure why take the chance?” -Ronald Reagan, First Television Star to become President”
  • One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important and that to take a holiday would bring all kinds of disaster.” -Bertrand Russell, Thinker
  • “Work is difficult; that’s why it’s called work.” -David Brown, Industrialist
  • “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin.”…Mathew, Biblical Scholar,  6:25-34, Perhaps there is a ‘Fourth Choice’  for the Economists to consider (- see CHOICES Bullet above “
  • “Don’t stay in bed…unless you make money in bed.” -George Burns, God, in the movie “Oh, God”


Answer to today’s Photo-Quiz. Yes! Our Stuffed birds have no skill sets, they neither toil nor spin …yet they  seem very happy. Come back next week and try to decipher Photo-Quiz #4)


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