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Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Wait! Who is this? Some White Bear from out of nowhere has been inserted in our story to determine who really wins the seat of Power in the Land of Stuffed Animals. Who decided that? Who is this bear? Is he on the ‘Right’? ‘The Left’? Is he a he? No one knows anything anymore. It is all a scramble. Check in on past posts to remind yourself who you favor: The Hairy Pig Qween Ezmiralda – the Rightful Heiress, or Mordimur -the Stupid, yet Snuggly. Come back next week for more thrills.


A Two Minute read – A Five Minute think-over:

FACTS ARE FACTS, whether they are meaningless, or not:

  • TEETH: Painted portraitures rarely show teeth.  It is true.  Even God does not have teeth in painted portraits, no matter the situation. Portraits done by photographs often show teeth, especially after the word “Cheese” has been uttered in front of the camera.  God has not yet been photographed, so we do not know if teeth will be seen, or if even She/He/They or It will say “Cheese” for the shot.
  • ANTS: A new report says there are 20 quadrillion Ants on this earth. (That’s 20 plus 15 zeroes.)  The ant bio-mass exceeds that of all the birds and mammals combined.  (We are included in the mammal category).  Know this: the ant has the fastest jaws in the animal kingdom.  They are fierce warriors and good architects. They can grow their own food.  They have social systems where they help each other and use each other to build roads, houses and bridges – sacrificing themselves for the group, if necessary. My own study shows we have learned very little from the ants, even though there are gazillions of them.
  • SO, YOU WANT TO BE IN THE ‘IN CROWD’?: The U.S. gained 20 million new Millionaires this year – so far. Millionaires are usually fast jawed; but are not known to be the best warriors.  They can build bridges, houses and roads – if for profit.  Rarely, are they self-sacrificing for the species, except to occasionally donate to deductible, worthwhile charities.
  • DEMOCRACY: The most recent Democracy Index shows the U.S. is in 26th place as a “Democracy”…and categorizes us as a “Flawed Democracy”…on a downward trend.  De Tocqueville opined that the flaw in ‘Democracy’ is tha people would eventually vote it out of existence…I think we could add to that: Some of the people would ‘Non-vote’ it out of existence. Also, it seems to me most people only truly believe in Democracy when their side wins…but maybe it is a mood I am in.
  • STUDIES SHOW:  Bias against people of the opposite political party is equal to ‘Racial Bias’ in the U.S.  Reading deeper into these studies, you will find Self Righteous’ Hostility is on the rise.

FROM CEM’S THINK TUB: Maybe…  Before man could stand fully upright, back when he first ventured into the fields and hunkered halfway down and stood halfway up, balancing himself with his left fist shoved into the ground…He looked up at the sky and saw a bird fly overhead – and then he followed the bird with his gaze and (I’ll bet) he pointed his right handed index finger at that bird and squeezed his trigger finger as it flew by….ten hundred thousand  years before he even successfully invented the trigger.

A few words from our Resident Rodent Mathuzala, Guest Columnist:


“Leviticus: 11, 29 forbade the eating of Rats.  It is true.  You could look up in your search engines and find humans, in defiance of their “Good Book” are eating rodents all over the world.  The rich and the poor.  This must come to an end before the prophecy of your Chief Joseph is fulfilled. (Which is:”Whatever happens to the Beast, will happen to the man.” -Ed.Note: N.B. The Leviticus warning is repeated on page 27 of the book seen below)

For more on the possible dietary habits of the future, please go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy the (NON) Best Seller “THE RAT PAPERS”  and see what Chief Joseph was talking about.


  • It is voting day as I write this – in Italy.  Nobody will tell me who they are voting for.  It seems nobody really likes anybody.  I think a lot of the locals liked the last guy who was in office; but he’s gone now because Rome and Milan would not let him do the job.   However, you can get strong opinions today on the weather; it is colder than it should be.  I will keep you posted on the political situation as it unfolds.


A few Quotes:

  • “There are three types of lies – lies, damn lies, and statistics.”         –Benjamin Disraeli
  • “Everybody has to believe in something.  I believe I’ll have a drink.”  -Dean Martin

That’s it folks… And a fond “Hello” to  Annie, wherever you are.



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