Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Yes, that is Mordimur, back on our front page. Polls show he has a 50% chance to win the election for the leader of the Land of Stuffed Animals.  This is odd, because in some states Mordimur is a “Wanted” Stuffed Animal, due to past bad behavior.  Furthermore, Mordimur cannot read and can barely think, nor does he know what the truth is. Some think if he got in office he would only be a puppet to darker forces. A Stuffed Animal being a puppet? We’ll see. Thank goodness there are no little Mordimurs running around…that we know of – but then, if there were, nobody would vote for him. Come back next week for an update on the Elections.


(A 2 and 1/2 minute read. if you are quick.)



  • CELLPHONES: The average cellphone has over 64 times the amount of computer power as there was in the entire Apollo moon landing project.  And weighs a lot less.  And is a million times faster.  And has a million times more memory.  No wonder I can’t work it.
  • MEMORY:  Thoth, the Egyptian God, discovered letters and the use of them (a,b,c, – that sort of thing).  When Socrates came upon these letters, he refused to learn to read because he feared reading would damage his memory capabilities. “The use of letters diminishes the memory/mind.  This discovery will create forgetfulness in the learning process…” it is said, he said.  Studies show if you want to learn by reading, it is best to review what you read immediately after reading it or, better yet, tell someone what you read.  Why do I tell you all this? Because Studies are showing cell-phone users are losing their memory skills…and worse, are storing less information in their own brains than previous generations – even though there was less information to be had in the old days.  Where is this going? No one knows.  Remember where you read it.
  • NEWS:  Studies show the lower the circulation of newspapers in a given country; 1) the higher level the of corruption  2) the less aware (aka ‘the dumber’) is the voter to the issues  And 3) the more time you will have to spend on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, or watch tv, etc., etc.
  • A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS:  Studies show we daydream (mind wander) 65% of our awake time.  Accidents tend to occur more during these times than not.  79% of us are more willing to admit to humiliating experiences in life, such as falling off a ladder – rather than to talk about what we are really daydreaming about.  I am in the remaining 21% and I am daydreaming about what I am going to do when I win the Lotto. And I never fell off a ladder.  How stupid is that?
  • ANOTHER STUDY shows 42% of adults know their neighbors. Drilling down in this study, we find: 1) More females know their neighbors than the males do  2) More older people know their neighbors than do the younger folk  3) More educated people know their neighbors than do the uneducated.  My question is: What percentages of these people who actually like their neighbors?
  • YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE:  Somebody did a study and they found that Chickens can remember events of the past and they can anticipate the future.  You may not know why the chicken went to the other side of the road; but it does.
  • MORE WITH ANIMALS:  It has been found where there are rules that one cannot hunt and kill animals until they are fully grown…well, the animals, over a short period of time, tend to ‘Stint themselves’ in a survival ploy to keep from being killed…The hunting community considers this a form of cheating on the part of the animals and would like to change the rules back to a more fair play arrangement.  (I am not making this stuff up) Some fish are doing this – as are Longhorn Sheep….everything is trying to cheat on us these days.

And now a few words from our Resident Rodent Guest Columnist, MATHUZALA:


There is so much information, so little knowledge.  Benedict, your human hero, realizes this.  On page 39 of the book shown below, he writes from his prison cell:  “So, put down your cellphone, turn off your screens and listen up because a lot happens at the same time and it is neither for the slow of wit or the multitaskers to comprehend.”  As for me, I do not appear in his memoir, until later; but fear not – I am quoted throughout.”

If you want to know more about what is about to happen, go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS” and you will be told all.

Notes From Tuscany:

There is a dull roar in the Piazza.  Today, for no known reason, there is a fair where people get to bring out old stuff and put it on tables, and on the ground, and see if they can sell it to other people who might want old stuff.  It is very charming – but the whole thing distracts from my writing.


A Quote, or three:

  • “The chicken did not cross the road.  The road passed beneath the chicken.”  -David Morin…theorizing how Einstein would have addressed the Chicken & Road question
  • “Chickens at rest tend to stay at rest.  Chickens in motion tend to cross roads.”  -Morin again, on what Newton would have said.
  • “I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls.  They always say because it’s such a beautiful animal.  I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.”  -Ellen DeGeneres

That’s it for now.  Good night Gracie, and “Hello” to  Stock-picker Mike, wherever you are.

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