Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of  “Troubles in the Garden”;  Now that the election has been made and the Rightful Qween Ezmiralda is back on her throne – we can get back to our tale of Romance and adventure.  Our leading figures: Mamzelle Pinkie and the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness are not merely actors; they are playing themselves in our show.  This is to say our story is a documentary.  We are ready to roll. But wait!  How did Bork the Angry Purple Slug get back on the set?  Some critters will never take “NO!” for an answer.


  • FYI:  They have done studies on colors . Here is what I know to date:  1)  WHITE is the best color for a coffee cup.  Not for the coffee; but for you liking of the whole coffee experience. 2) SALMON (orangey/pink): They  have noticed painting prison cell walls Salmon color that the prisoner tends to become enraged quicker, and more, than painting the walls any other color.
  • SPEAKING OF PRISONERS:  I read where our prisons are turning into old folks homes, in a fashion.  The wheelchair guys  are on the first floor.  Many cells are filled with patients having; Dementia, Heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  Are we going to do something about this?  Or is it just another bad pitch for a Netflix show?
  • DINNER:  70% to 80% of Americans with jobs do not know by 4:00 p.m. what they are going to have for dinner.  You may think this is a worthless piece of information, but not so to the ‘Grab & Go’ fast food interests.
  • TV:  Studies show TV watching has zero educational value for kids under 8.  I am over 12 and I have found watching TV has had zero educational value for me. Except for “Bonanza”, of course.
  • STUDY NOT DONE, YET:  I’ll bet if they do a study on volunteers for weight loss trials, that regardless of the possible side-effects they would find there will always be plenty of volunteers.


  • I think we have advanced enough that we could start  labeling our Medical Care costs: “WARNING!  This treatment has a possible SIDE-EFFECT of Bankruptcy and/or Loss of Home.”
  • I have noticed every time a major newsworthy event occurs – a crazy theory about that event will immediately pop up and get a devoted following of 18% of the population, i.e., Tornados in Missouri  “…are caused by Gay Marriage.”   Or, an Earthquake in Japan “…was the result of a lack of faith in Jesus”.   People have not been watching enough TV, or they have been living in Salmon colored rooms, or they have been victims of bad weight loss medicines.   I don’t know what to say, except sometimes the theory about the cause of a bad event is more catastrophic than the event itself.


Our column from our Resident Rodent Guest Editor will not be presented this week as MATHUZALA (see photo below) is the Featured Speaker at the the Annual RAT PAC Convention in the third sub-basement of the Plaza Hotel.

If you want to know what goes on at these RAT PAC meetings, go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy a copy of the (non) Best Seller “THE RAT PAPERS” and learn what is going on right under your very nose.



Notes from Tuscany:

  • A few pictures of the autumn colors on the hillsides, a short walk from town.

Enough said.


A motivational quote, or two:

  • “The only way to get something done is to start to do it…”  -Langston Hughes, “The Big Sea”
  • “Never eat more than you can lift.”  -Miss Piggy

That’s it from here for now…and a fond “Hello” to Pam & Bill, wherever you are. .

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