Update on Noteflix’s production of “Troubles in the Garden: We are about to start filming again. But first, here is a Teaser for you, a ‘Still photo’ taken from the working set of Act 1, Scene 1 of our next Episode. You may be surprised to see Mamzelle Pinkie needs Cue Cards for her lines. It is known in the trade she has a bad memory – and, to be fair, English is not her first tongue. (FYI, Marlon Brando was known to have difficulty remembering his lines – and that did not hurt his films any.) Come back next week for more action.



  • In 2002 a Stradivarius sold for $2.7 million. It made major headlines. Earlier this year a T-Shirt the quarter back, Joe Montana, wore for Super Bowls XIX & XXIII went for $1.2 million. Tom Brady’s final Game jersey (T-Shirt) is going to be sold at auction next month. It is expected to fetch up to $2.5 million, which would make it the highest priced game Jersey to date; but still below the Stradivarius.  Who is  Stradivarius, anyway? And how many games did he win?
  • I read a lot of business & economic news, so I know somethings. And one thing I know for sure is: I never met a man who lost money on a Self-Storage deal. (Also, I must admit I never met a man who lost money on a game T-Shirt deal, either. I guess I don’t keep fast company.
  • Alexander Graham Bell did not invent the telephone. A man by the name of Antonio Meucci invented the phone and applied for a patent in 1871 but could not come up with the $10 to maintain the application.Bell got the patent in 1876…Meucci sued, but died before the case was settled. This was before Italians were considered  to be true Americans. Congress recognized Meucci’s contribution in 2002. No one has ever paid even $1 for a Meucci T-shirt. Such are the vagaries of life.
  • Studies show: Malls with Cheesecake Factories in them tend to be more viable than others. Duh!
  • I read where AI will take the drama out of decision making. For examples: AI could tell us: where to go, how to get there…what is best to eat, how to prepare it. How to exercise, Who to marry, …And how many ‘Tomatoes’ the movie has, so I know if I’d like to watch it….So, it is not all bad. If Juliet could have known wherefore art Romeo was –  there never would have been the problem….but then there never would have been the show, either.

(This is a photo of MATHUZALA, our Non-Resident Rodent Guest Columnist)

Have you seen this rat? If so, keep your distance. He may have become contaminated. Maybe not. No one knows anything anymore. Well, that’s not totally true. We know MATHUZALA has gone missing, now for over two months, and he may have been taken by the bad guys. Maybe, maybe not. It is hard to know anything these days.

If you want to know something for sure about MATHUZALA and his attempts to improve the world as we know it, go to: Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy several copies of the (non) BestSeller shown below



A few Quotes:

  • “If the risk is high and outcomes unknown – it is best to avoid introducing the risk altogether” -Marc Lappe, “Precautionary Principle”
  • “Predictions are hard – especially about the future.” -Yogi Berra

Or, from another perspective,

  • “Love is in the air!” –  -Overheard by a tourist in Rome

That’s it from here, for now…and a fond “Hello” to Andi M, wherever you are.

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