A Note from NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: This photo depicts, Pablo, the Teacher (the Penguin looking thing) who is about to instruct his pupils on the ways of Mephistopheles, the Evil servant of the Devil, the corruptor of men, the gatherer of lost souls. But wait! Are the students too young and innocent to learn of such? The debate rages on. Of course, all this is ridiculous for the students are only stuffed animals and we see only the head of Mephistopheles and that is only a plaster cast sort of thing. But Bork, the angry purple slug, does not know any of this and he thinks Mephistopheles is real and he wants to follow him. More on this next week, maybe, maybe not.)


  • HISTORY 101, or less:   There is a lot of talk going on regarding what we should say about our nation’s past and how much of it we should teach and how old our children should be before they are told the truth of it – if ever. (i.e. Slavery, the First 5 U.S. Presidents owning slaves, some States not freeing slaves for several years after Emancipation, Tribal genocides, Mass incarcerations,…topics like that.)  We do not want to horrify our kids while they are young and tender – let’s wait until…well, maybe never – I guess is the argument.  The proposition: ‘Sunlight is the best disinfectant’ seems to be losing out in many locations in America.  I think some people think if we can control what we see in our past; then we can control what we think about ourselves in the present. Somehow, all of this leads to who is going to control the House of Representatives. I guess  a different type of person represents a person who knows nothing about his/her history than one who knows something about it.   A Neo-Age of Innocence may be coming on.  Future-fi writers predict what could happen in the future; Me? I wonder what kind of future we will have – after we alter our past. And who gets to do the altering?  There may be a book there.
  • ALCORIANS:  I read Ted Williams head is still in Arizona, frozen Cryogenically…waiting for the time when we can bring him back to life.  Devotees of this activity are called ALCORIANS.   Most of my readers have known about this for years; but they may have thought the whole thing was an oddity that was not going to last long…like they thought QAnon and ‘The Big Lie’…were going to fade soon; but for some odd reason, these oddities have long legs. I have noticed  when you Google  the odd stories of the day, ‘Arizona’ is frequently entwined in the articles. Why is that? I wonder.
  •  QUICKIES:  * Civil penalties exceeding $360,000 have been exacted by U.S. airlines recently, for bad behavior by passengers.  Bad behavior of Consumers could soon become a profit center for businesses.  * Seedless watermelons represent 90% of watermelons eaten in the U.S. (Do what you will with this information.)  * The ‘Atlantic’, which I think is one of our more sophisticated magazines, wrote a long article on their displeasure with the current state of Ketchup squeeze bottles and how they could be improved.  (This Covid thing has been going on too long and everybody has dumbed down from it and I don’t know how much further we can drop.) * Fast food cooks are averaging around $10 an hour.  (Whoa!  What is coming out of the kitchen?  Rage-Burgers?  I’m reading: Workers may not show up for cook jobs when things “go back to normal”…then again, I’m reading people will show up for  the cook jobs because they need the money – even if it is lousy money.  Then again I’m reading that when ‘things were normal’ – they weren’t so normal after all.)  *I was taught all life needs Photosynthesis; but deep down in the Mid-Ocean Ridge there is no Photosynthesis – but there is life down there (thanks to Kempsynthesis) and there are big things moving around way below. (Now, there are UFOs and USOs – Unidentified Swimming Objects…When do we teach our children about these things?)  * Good News: Building ‘Hacking systems’ which can destroy a nation’s infrastructure is a much cheaper program than building Nuclear Arms and I.C.B.M.s.  This  plan could mean costs for our Defense & Offense purposes could go down dramatically and we could spend more money on peace and happiness. A Neo-Age of Innocence could be upon us.


  • Currently – and perhaps forever – I am living in Tuscany.  I am renting a house which has a ‘Terrazza” overlooking a Piazza.  People walk in every direction in the Piazza.  They walk with running children.  They drive in and out in every direction.  They ride bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards; they back-up, go forward, do not look to see who is where and what is coming.  They do not honk horns.  I have been watching this form of a crazy waltz for over a year and have not seen one accident, or heard anyone yelling at anyone in any form of rage.  How can this be? When I left the States, if someone even looked at a parking place that someone else had thought he/she was entitled to – there would be: Horns, yelling, fingers flying.  How can we bring this type of inter-action back to the States?


And now a few words from our guest columnist MATHUZALA


“You cannot help yourselves.    We are nibbling away at your nuclear sites and disabling them. We are nibbling away at the wires of many of your power plants.  No need to produce unacceptable waste. No need to vote on these issues, whoever you are.   We are moving in strange ways, our wonders to perform. ”

(Editors note; We will do some research on this to see what MATHUZALA and his crew have been up too.  For more on this subject go to:  Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy the THE RAT PAPERS and keep informed.

A few quotes:

  • “The only thing new in this world is the history you don’t know.” – H. Truman, 33rd President of the U.S.
  • “What is past is prologue.”  W. Shakespeare, ‘The Tempest”
  • “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”  -Mike Tyson, Boxer, Former World Heavyweight Champion
  • “…Then like a rat, they stop in fear and freeze.” -Mike Tyson, part Two of the  bizarre Theory postulated in the quote above.


More from here next week.  Take care over there, and “Hello” to Bogie, wherever you are.




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