Update on NOTEFLIX’s “Troubles in the Garden”: (Pay attention, because this gets complicated.) As you can see, some of our cast are looking at themselves through an Internet connection on their Wi-Fi…sort of a Multi-verse sort of thing….They are bewildered as none of them remember ever having been in the room with the strange owl. Also, you can see Mamzelle Pinkie appears twice in the picture in the foreground – which is an impossibility if this were a world in REALITY. The only constant is Ezmiralda the Hairy Pig Queen of the Stuffed Animals, who wants to be seen before anybody else is seen – no matter what and where everything is. Read below to make sense of all this.


  • (2016)  “God is still up there!”  This is a quote from Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma, who was referring to Climate Change as a “Hoax and conspiracy to shut down the machine called America”.   At the time, he was a senior member of the Environment & Public Works Committee.  I hope the Senator is right in his understanding of where God is.
  • (2016)  This is the year I read software could write movie scripts.  One of the advantages of this would be you would not have to pay script-writers those handsome writing fees and more money would trickle down to the investors.  This explains everything – as far as the films on Netflix and Amazon are concerned.  During this Bad Covid Period of my life, I have descended into the rung where I search almost nightly for a movie I have not yet seen.  And voila!  A new movie from Netflix or Amazon pops up…with many “Tomatoes” (whatever they are), or a high percent of “Percents”, or “Matches” (whatever they are), and I proceed to humiliate myself by watching some movie which must have been written by something which had never seen a movie before. (i.e., a software program)  The good news is:  It is so bad in the movie world that things can only get better.
  • (2012)  75% of Health Care spending in America is for Chronic Diseases which could have been prevented:  Tobacco usage and Obesity were the two largest contributors.  Those were the good old days.
  • (2009)  “Belt extenders on many Airlines were deemed necessary for the convenience of some passengers.”  (See above bullet)  How come so many Americans succumb to wearing seat-belts on Airlines  which restricts their freedom of movement – when they draw the line on Masks?
  • (2008)  “36% of high-schoolers say they think the Newspapers should get Government approval before writing a story.”  These kids can now vote.  Couple them with the old white guys, and add the people who do not read…and you might be right to hope Senator Inhofe is correct in his assessment of where God is – and that God is in full command.


  • STBX:  The Pumpkin Latte is now available at all participating outlets – beginning this week! Believe it, or not, this is big and good news to many in these troubled times.
  •  “Never have to pay Full Price for anything, Ever Again!”:  Title of an article I wanted to read; but it would have cost me $99 to subscribe to the magazine which published it. I did not pursue this offer to see whether the $99 was  a mark down from the Full Price.
  • It was announced that last year was the hottest year on the planet since man has been keeping records.  I keep thinking about the Frog in the pot of heating water and…well, friends tell me I should have a more optimistic outlook on life if I want to be happy.
  • “The Kitchen Triangle is Outdated!”  Alarming title of an article sent to my e-mail inbox, by some algorithm gone mad.
  • There is “Reality”. “Virtual Reality“. “Universes”, “Multiverses”, “Metaverses”, “Virtualverses”, “Cryptocoins”, “Bitcoins”, “Cryptopay”, “Virtual Barter”…Does anybody out there in my “Altiverse” (a.k.a. “Blogoverse”) know what these terms mean?  Ok, ok I know you know what “Reality” is; but as for the rest of what’s out there…I am still dealing with the upcoming loss of the Kitchen Triangle. The future seems to be passing me by…


  • The locals are required to have a “Green Pass” in order to eat inside a restaurant, go to concerts…that sort of thing.  One gets a “Green Pass” by getting the Vaccine (2 shots).  So far, I have not heard complaints from the populace who seem to be walking around as if they were still ‘Free’.  More on this in later posts, if needed.
  • It is the end of August – the month when all the Italians go to the ‘Mare’ (the Sea) or to the ‘Montagne” (Mountains) and go back to whatever they were doing before they went away. It seems the Tuscans travel frequently, but they do not go out of Italy very much.
  • Tonight, there was an outdoor presentation of “La Boheme” in our Piazza. A 17 piece orchestra, several singers…FREE (as in “no charge”)…sometimes this life can be pretty good! (see video below)…even though the cool evenings have returned.

And now, comments from Mathuzala, our Guest Columnist:


  • “Your ‘scientists’ did studies on Rats (in Princeton University, no less) more than twenty years ago and found that High Fructose Corn Syrup was more fattening than table sugar.  The rats became fat and the females became more obese than the males.  If you learned anything from these studies, you did nothing with the knowledge.  There will be more to follow…”

That is all that was transmitted to us from MATHUZALA this week.  In fairness, he has been vacationing in the Cloud for the month of August and we are lucky to have received anything at all from him.  If you want to know more about MATHUZALA and how he became so wise, go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS” and you will be on top of your game.

And now a few quotes relating, somehow, to all the above:

  • “I can’t wait for everything to be alright, to be happy” -Overheard from a German tourist sitting near me in the local Caffe.
  • “After all, what is REALITY anyway? Nothin but a collective hunch.” -Jane Wagner
  • “REALITY is for people who can’t handle drugs.” -70’s Anonymous
  • “There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell them.” -Louis Armstrong.  (Truer words never spoken)

So long for now and “Hello” to Stan H. & David C. & Ray Y., wherever you are.



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