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  • THE ANTI-LYNCHING LAW   …was passed in the U.S. last week.  Does this mean it was not illegal to Lynch somebody until last week?  Several States are trying to legislate against teaching the history of Lynching to school children. Some people think we should just move on to the more pleasant stuff.
  • HACKED!:  Somebody hacked (aka stole) $600,000,000 from a Crypto-Network-Blockchain…and it took more than a week to know it was stolen.  More on this may never be revealed.  PAYPAL added $5 worth of Bitcoin to my account last week – and I am watching it like a hawk; even though I have no idea what it is, or if it is really there, or if it is part of that stolen loot.
  • STUDIES SHOW:  80% of men ‘without College’ are Republicans. Over 60% of men with College degrees are Democrats.  Does this mean College tends to make men “Softer” and more “Feminine” in their social attitudes…as some Republicans in Congress are saying?  Didn’t those Congressmen go to College themselves?  They are not acting very ‘soft’ – So much for College.  * There are more women enrolled in College than men – “6 women to every 4 men”.   Are we about to turn into a ‘Feminized, Child caring, Anti aggressive society before we can take a vote on all this?   Pre-industrialized societies have lower rates of dementia than the others.  I can’t remember what I wanted to say about this.
  • SEVERAL NEWSPAPER ARTICLES THIS WEEK CLAIMED:  1) “Exercise is good for you.  Building up your arms is good for you.”  2)   “3-day weekends are good for you.”   3) “Americans sit too much”.  4) “You should drink more water than you do.”   When I read articles like these I think I should be spending more of my time following what’s going on with Ukraine, or Trump’s Neo-Presidency, or Inflation… But ‘they’ are right about the water.


And now a word or so from our Guest Rodent Columnist MATHUZALA:


I have seen in Sweden where the humans have trained the New Caledonian Crows to fly into the parks and pick up cigarette butts and deposit them in proper waste containers.  The crows get little snacks as rewards for doing the work the Swedes do not want to do.  I have also seen that the Swedes are among the most happy humans on the earth.  I do not know if these two items are related; but I do know we rats will never pick up your cigarette butts. As a matter of fact, we have a plan which will encourage you to pick up your own cigarette butts – as well as a lot of other items you have thrown on the ground.

-Ed. Note: If you are interested in learning more about MATHUZALA’S plan on improving the Environment, please go to Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, and purchase “THE RAT PAPERS” and learn how to effect proper change.


  • I met with a man for coffee today, who is a citizen of The European Union, living in Tuscany.  He told me that America wants war  – and in fact has started the current action in Ukraine.  He further went on to tell me Biden is being paid $3,000,000 a month, by Putin, to keep the war going.  He believes what he is saying.  I share this with you so you do not think that the almost 38% of Americans who are following insane right-wing media are the only ones who are crazy.  You can travel far and wide; but you can’t get away from it all.  The coffee was very good, however.


  • Don’t buy food when you are hungry.
  • Don’t buy a convertible on a hot day.
  • Don’t buy a car in a storm.  (Extreme weather conditions make you want to buy a 4-wheel drive hugger type thing.  Mistake.)
  • Don’t buy a house on a hot day because it has a pool.  (Could lead to another error in judgement)
  • “Never play cards with a man named ‘Doc’.  Never eat at a place called ‘Mom’s’.  Never sleep with a woman whose problems are greater than your own.”  (-N. Algren, Author, “Walk On The Wild Side”

That’s all I’ve got.  And a fond “Hello” to ‘Foof’, wherever you are.


You were correct if you noticed the flowering buds on the bush have changed from dark pink to white.  This goes to show if you just sit in the bush for a week and do nothing – things change around you, anyway.  The prize is: Being correct in your observations is its own reward.


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