Update on NOTEFELIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: The nightmare continues. And our hero, The Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness cannot escape this dream. Oddly, he has come across a Gnome who might tell him how to get back to Reality; but the Gnome may ask for a quid pro quo, or at least a quo. Either way, our hero wants to get back to Mamzelle Pinkie and will do just about anything to become woke – make that: awoke.   (See a photo of our hero’s true dream, below.)



  • Growing up: When I was a child I had a Hopalong Cassidy cowboy outfit, which included a  cap-gun and lunchbox, though I do not know why the lunchbox, since Hopalong did not travel with one while he rode on top of Topper.  Anyway, one day, while I was all dressed up in my ‘Hoppy’ get-up, I overheard my dad say to my mom (I was frequently listening in)…“Bill Boyd must be making a lot of money playing Hopalong and selling all those costumes and fake cowboy gadgets.”  It was another ‘Loss of Santa Clause’ moments for me…I now realize it was only the beginning of many such disappointments..  To wit, I have found:  We Americans have not always been the ‘Good Guys’.  The Founding Fathers were not always on the proper moral side of events.  We are not always in favor of ‘Freedom of speech’.  We may not indict some criminals because it might make for bad optics.  Etc., etc. Come back Hoppy, come back now.
  • Immigrants & Emigrants. Somebody who is an immigrant somewhere, was an emigrant from somewhere else. To this point, I have read where the Governor of Texas has sent immigrants to New York City.  So, those immigrants now emigrated from Texas. I have read where the mayor of New York City is sending those immigrant/emigrants to the Canadian border.  I have read where more Americans – than ever – are applying for ‘Residence’ in countries outside of the U.S. – which is a form of emigration.  What I have read tells me some people don’t like where they are, or were; but other people don’t want those people there, either. It gets complicated; but it is going to get more so. One thing for sure…nobody is really addressing the causes for unwanted immigration/emigration:  i.e., Wars, Climate Change, Drug Cartels, Famine, ‘Natural’ disasters’, etc. – so there will be plenty more to read about, even if you can’t do anything about it.
  •  During the early fall of 1940, four  boys were exploring the hills above the Vézère River in the Dordogne Valley of south central France when they stumbled on an  archaeological discovery.  The teenagers had slipped into a hole and fell into what is now called the Hall of the Bulls, a 66 x 16 foot tall fresco of cattle and deer and aurochs and horses, painted in masterful strokes and gorgeous colors some 15,000 to 17,000 years ago.  This is known as the Lascaux Cave.  70 years ago four boys in the country side outside Cleveland, Ohio entered a cave and spray painted all kinds of graffiti on the cave walls.  This cave is largely unknown today.  15.000 years from now, when this cave is re-discovered what will people think of  the progress of the cave art of mankind?

And now a few words from MATHUZALA, our Rodent Resident Guest Columnist:

  • Your Scientists and Corporations have done many studies on us.  Among other things, you have found:  We rats get sick when we smoke too much, we get sick when we eat too much, we act poorly when we do not get enough food.. and on and on.  On the other hand, I have studied you and I have found you do not learn much from your studies.  Therefor, we are going to put an end to all that. We have successfully installed several  humans into your House of Representatives. They are about to initiate measures which will put an end to the funding of all Scientific studies. You Science has not done much good for the rest of us.

If you want to know how MATHUZALA and his pack plan to change the course of human events, please go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy the (non) Best-Seller “THE RAT PAPERS” and get on the right side of History



More NOTES, not from Tuscany…

We are in Venice, Florida, and will be for a few months.  One of the things that comes to my mind, everywhere I go I see jobs are available.  There are two Walmart’s in the area each advertising for 20 jobs on the floor…all the coffee shops, all the fast food restaurants, the gas stations.  Everybody is looking for staff.  The big stores are pretty much rid of cashiers…robots are taking orders at the fast food places…yet ‘careers’ abound.  I am reminded a few years ago there was the thought that the immigrants were here to do the work the Americans did not want to do…the gardening, the picking of fruit, etc.  I do not understand, now it seems there are not enough people around to do the work that people don’t want to do…and then I read that the population has almost tripled in the past 50 years. So, go figure.


Meanwhile, in Venice, Italy, here is what is going on (Mardi Gras):


A Quote

  • “They got the greatest country in the world here.  The highest standard of living.  The grossest national product.”  -Archie Bunker “All in the Family”

That’s it from here this week…and a fond “Hello” to Alice, wherever you are.


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